Hitler’s Euthanasia Program Proves no Holocaust

Here you see an example and a counterexample… The euthanasia program was well known for the Germans at the time. There is proof that this program really existed. Now, think of the Holocaust. No proof, people didn’t know ‘bout its existence until they were told it existed (by the victors), the Germans weren’t physics nor did have powers of telepathy, etc.
It just doesn’t add up.

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Editors Comment: I know, weird huh?

Wears War on the lies, liars & WWII is the battle to bring fake history into accord with the facts… whatever those facts may prove. The truth is that Hitler and National Socialism were neither 100% perfect nor 100% evil. However, the evidence indicates that National Socialism was a better alternative to Marxism and the puppets we get for prime ministers and presidents in our so-called democratic countries.

Cultural Marxism and our modern day ‘leaders’ have brought degeneracy and tyranny into our western nations. We are all now drowning in debt under the creation of the Rothschilds’ central banking frauds. Our western nations are sinking under the weight of open borders, welfare and crony ‘capitalism’ which concentrates businesses into fewer and fewer hands as police stand down and thugs take control of our streets. None of this would have been possible under Hitler’s National…

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35 comentarios en “Hitler’s Euthanasia Program Proves no Holocaust”

  1. I find it extremely difficult that Adolf Hitler, the hero of Germany, and who was a vegetarian, loved children, had and loved dogs and animals, etc. would willingly authorize the murder of helpless disabled, diseased and terminally ill people just to “clean up the German race.” I went to CODOH and glanced through their “sources” and did a little searching myself, but all I find are sources of sources of sources of sources, ad nauseum. Most of what I’ve seen is tied to the Holohoax. And we all know any “confessions” of the SS officers at Nuremberg, were gotten only after testicle crushing torture.

    “The Doctors’ Trial at Nuremberg, which opened on Dec. 9, 1946 and ended on July 19, 1947, tried German doctors for their participation in the euthanasia program. Dr. Karl Brandt readily admitted his involvement in the euthanasia program, since too many records and affidavits directly linked him to the killing operation. Brandt argued that the only rationale for the euthanasia program had been to free handicapped and incurably ill patients from suffering. Brandt considered his involvement in the euthanasia program authorized by Hitler to be absolutely legal.[7]” The NBT were found and proven to be grave miscarriages of justice as they were predicated on the supposed extermination of jews.


    I believe that this quote: “The truth is that Hitler and National Socialism were neither 100% perfect nor 100% evil” is another jew attempt to throw further shit on Germany & the Third Reich since the holohoax has finally fallen apart. No has said Hitler was in anyway perfect, he made many mistakes during the war that were eventually his undoing. But that does not make him any less a hero.

    I am going to have to re watch The Greatest Story Never Told to see if there is any mention whatsoever of this program. If not, I will write to the movie producers and see what they have to say. Since this video is 7 hours long, I will have to shorten my visits here for a few days. There are certainly better researchers out there then myself, so I will have to make sure I get the right answers. I never take anything at face value.

    I will keep this post in my box for references, etc. I’ll keep you posted on what I find.

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  2. Euthanasia programs never existed in Hitler’s Government. On the other hand if they existed previously in other areas of the West, decades before in United States of America, programs these American famous Zionist bankers financed.

    Hitler was against all kinds of suffering human beings, but never passed legislation to kill living beings. In fact there is a black legend that still circulates environments liberal and Zionist to see that Hitler is forced to abort the German mothers with children with Down syndrome. This is not true, Hitler forbade abortion, de-facto, Franco in Spain adopted this legislation in 1941.

    Abortion was allowed in several small nations of Latin America, with some assumptions, and even in the own Stalin Russia, under some assumptions, but was allowed women to abort.

    I have documents in my possession on abortion bill ( info ).

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    1. Ya veo. Si, eso del aborto lo sabía…
      Sinceramente miré un poco, y no me pareció tan mala la fuente… Pero como me están diciendo, parece ser que es una cosa que se referencia a si misma (páginas de páginas de páginas hasta cansarte)… Y luego está el link a la Historia más Grande jamás Contada.
      Lo del aborto es interesante también.

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        1. It’s only 1.5 GB… downloading right now.
          If the guys at Archive.org take it down due to “issues with the item’s content”, then I can reupload it as well… Although I think that most people have it and are willing to do it anyway if that happens.

          Me gusta

        2. Great, I thought it would take more than that. It’s posted in 15 min increments at their link I gave you, so no need to watch it all at once, although I was hooked and did so.

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        3. You sat for seven hours…?! You were really hooked, then!!
          Ever heard of the “pause” button? Hahahahahahaha!!
          Now, in all seriousness, I can’t wait… this download is going a bit slow. 14% out of 1.5 GB. I will watch it tomorrow… it’s pretty late now anyway.

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        1. Sí, en alguna obra lo especifican lo de la eutanasia, pero mi afición al Revisionismo está limitada, como bien sabes, porque la situación de Occidente es anómala, y por ello dedico más tiempo a otros menesteres que tocan varios campos como también sabes. Son daños colaterales, quizás.

          Muy bien todos tus artículos, fenomenal, gran labor GMask. Impagable, sin duda.

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        2. Perfecto, Signa. Digamos que nos complementamos… Yo no sabría por donde empezar si tuviera que hacer tu parte con las noticias de los sucesos en Europa… Hay mucha intoxicación y muy poca información en concreto… Los grandes medios informan poco, acá y allá.
          Lo tuyo también es una labor muy importante, al ver el cerco informativo que hay respecto a estos temas tan importantes y tan poco mencionados (y peor tratados cuando se mencionan)… Así que, lo tuyo es una labor encomiable.
          Gracias, Signa.

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        3. 🙂 ¡Pero no te olvides, camarada! No solo me dejas en ascuas a mí (no sería tanto si así fuera) sino a la dama que te ha pedido el favor…
          He intentado buscar en el BOE (versión electrónica) y lo más antiguo que tienen digitalizado es de septiembre de 1960… Lástima. Más atrás de eso no se puede ir.

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    1. I knew that people had sympathies to the Führer (and il Duce, because there were lots of Italians), but no, I never saw that photo… Oh… These people were in the Luna Park stadium, one of the most important stadiums of Buenos Aires, still to this day!
      It’s amazing. Thanks for the photo!

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