25 comentarios en “The Reich in Photos – The Life in the Reich – Part I”

  1. Exactly. When the jews declared war on German by boycott in 1933, they went on a massive “Hate Germany” propaganda campaign to lay the ground work for WW II and German destruction.

    Kiss the jews and live, defy the jews and die a hero. How do you want to go?

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    1. Well… it’s better the option two.
      See below on the main page for a way you can defy the Shylocks… You have that book, I gave you that link some time ago.
      I have posted it so people can download it. In both Spanish and English.

      Me gusta

      1. I bought the book from Amazon couple of years ago. I’m surprised it’s still listed yet they boycott some of Mike King’s stuff! Anything over 100 pages I download to my Nook/tablet or buy the book. Despite all our advances, I still like the real thing;P

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        1. Do you mean Mein Kampf? Maybe because it’s too famous… or maybe because they peddle it with faggish, jewish disclaimers like “this book is the baddest book written by the evilest man that has ever existed, m’kay?” They can’t do the same with King’s stuff because he is alive, so they ban his books (the ones they ban) on their entirety.
          King wouldn’t allow some jew to annotate his books with their crap, not while he is alive, at the very least!!

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        2. I see. Did you buy an used book? (probably a silly question to make, sorry.)
          I have a Spanish version sitting in my HD from a loooooong time ago. I remember I downloaded a big pack of books (all of these in Spanish) and among them, was MK as well.

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    1. I assumed it was used because it’s from 1924! That’s over 90 years ago!
      I have a Spanish copy (yes, a physical book) of the International Jew… I bought it at a bookstore which sells used books. When I saw it, my eyes widened and I bought it on the spot.
      I have noticed (in another used books’ store) that it’s sold there as well.
      It’s on display at the front, hahahaha!

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    1. A long time ago, though… I think I didn’t finish it, but I’ve read most of it.
      Geeze, probably I should read it again… Or maybe is that I can’t brain today.
      I notice that my sentences are more broken than usual.
      Same than you, I am pretty swamped with books. I found an account on Archive.org of an user that has uploaded lots of interesting books about NS, Mexico, jewry, etc. In Spanish, though.
      Maybe I will make a post with a link to his stuff later.

      Me gusta

  2. Back then, most people were more jew aware. Holohoax wasn’t a religion then and universities had not yet been taken over. If you read MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique, you will see how the jews took over after WW II.

    Haz clic para acceder a je1.pdf

    It’s very long but his section on Freud is worth the download alone.

    I’m having trouble typing without fucking up. See you in a couple of hours.

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