Where Are We Now?

We have come a long way since 1975…

Stand or Die


Two Minutes Hate

From Attack! No. 39, 1975:

Two Minutes Hate
 by Dr. William Pierce
    WASHINGTON POST story tells of Nathan Cohen decision compelling Federal workers to submit to sensitivity-training sessions. Applying many of the same techniques which were used to brainwash American POW’s in communist prison camps in Korea and Vietnam, Federal psychologists are able to control attitudes and opinions with a high degree of success. These techniques are also being used in high schools now to “adjust” White students to a multiracial environment.

In 1984, the well-known political horror-fantasy by George Orwell, it was called the Two Minutes Hate. At eleven o’clock each morning the workers in all government offices assembled in front of television screens for a sensitivity-training session in which they released their pent-up hostilities and became, thereby, better-adjusted subjects of Big Brother.

In 1975 they don’t call it the Two Minutes Hate, but it amounts to exactly the…

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The International Jew – The World’s Foremost Problem By Henry Ford Sr. & Anti-Judeac-Supremist Prof. Kevin McDonald’s Analysis..

MacDonald’s review of the International Jew. Read the book here…


Sweden’s gone. Swedish journalist inquires into rape of 12 y/o girl. Police: ‘We can no longer cope with scale of sexual violence’

That’s what happens when you let MASSIVE numbers of the worst scum of the Earth enter without control… RIP Sweden, it was nice knowing you…

Remember The 14 Words

Joakim Magnus Lamotte is a Swedish journalist and columnist, who in recent years has primarily worked for the Göteborgsposten. He is also active online, publishing on his own blog until June 2015, moving to Facebook afterwards, where he keeps an active page (the original untranslated video can be seen here).
We link to his story, about a 12-year-old girl who was dragged into a restroom in the centre of Stenungsund, Sweden. The girl was threatened, beaten and raped. She and her mother reported the rape to the police, telling them exactly who the man was. Two months later, the police had still not interviewed the suspect, even though they were told his name and even where he lives.
Lamotte was contacted by the mother, who told him how she and her daughter are regularly confronted with this man on the streets of Stenungsund, and that he mocks them every time…

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