True prisoners of conscience against a rotten, judaified system…


This list is a repost that was provided by a UK member of The Daily Stormer’s bbs forum on the Dark Web —  the gulag that we have been deported to by a freedom crushing  Global Internet Jewish Collective  that has overcome and illegally taken control of the American Internet which is now appended by these people  to the Holocaustian Communist/Globalist European internet.

These European men are imprisoned, IRL, because they dared to speak out, to assert the basic human right to freedom of expression and association and all the attendant natural benefits and restrictions associated to this.

They truly are POW.  We are at war, in case You who stop by to read this blog or it’s source site when it comes to The Daily Stormer’s struggle to exist –  along with other banned sites, such as venerable Stormfront – are unaware of this fact.

Please read this list…

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Ecosexualism: A New Frontier in Degeneracy

The New Normal: Play with mud, stick your peepee into the earth… masturbate the Earth (don’t ask me how you do it), lick the grass and more!! Everything except having children, of course. Oy vey, go for it, silly goyim!

Remember The 14 Words

Remember goyim – in this day and age, you can be anything you want to be, and do anything you want to do, so long as it’s not normal.
The College Fix:
Four years ago, when art Professor Elizabeth Stephens filmed the documentary “Ecosexual Love Story,” in which she and her partner licked trees, played with mud, and made love with the environment while naked, the term “ecosexuality” was still somewhat unknown.


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