Look at these faggot clowns!!! Hey, is this a tactic so we lower our defenses in laughter? Just look at them. They are ridiculous!!
Hahahahahahahahahaha!! Just look at these “women”!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!

Autor: Gas Mask

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2 comentarios en “OvenWorthy”

  1. This “new fag culture” is absolutely an attack… The Magian are easily mocked from afar, however, if one has any sense about them they will certainly recognize that the family has been destroyed, the community has been destroyed, and even basic friendship has been destroyed. What we have left of the family are lesbian couples adopting innocent male children and then forcing them to endure female horomone replacement so that male children will not become sexually active males because they must grow up to become faggot Daddy and Daddy couples adopting small boys for far worse reasons. What we have left of community are homosexual political groups, and African American political groups (mostly fags now) all trying to out victim one another while praising and displaying all manner of filth and faggotry…. and what we have left of genuine friendship is to hopelessly search the internet for other HORRIBLE NAZI Folk like myself, who wouldn’t waste a good piss on these fags if they were all on fire… which they should be…

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    1. Indeed. They move to derison (as it should be), but, if you look around, the situation is pretty much as you described it.
      Kids, even when they hang together, are more with their smartphones (more like dumbphones) than with each other…
      The families, even most of the “normal” ones, consist of overworked parents that have to hand out their kids to the schooling system and have to rely on the electronic nannies to keep their kids busy and not bored (at least inside the house).
      And this is not new. This goes from the 60’s and has been worsening since then…
      Thanks for commenting.

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