DOWNLOADS: Dr. Lothrop Stoddard – The French Revolution In San Domingo…! #1.050 (PDF)

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  1. It’s very important to review the history of Whites in relation to other races. Back then it was accepted and understood that Whites could and would fight niggers and other mud races, in order to protect their own and continue civilization. We haven’t always succeeded.

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    1. I have read a bit… For what I can tell, slavery is degrading… TO THE SUPERIOR RACIAL STOCK — i.e Whites.
      We shouldn’t make the mistake of slaving inferior races… from the ancient Aryans to the Spaniards and the French, in this case, it’s always the Whites who end up losing. In this case it was by petty internal strife and the ideas of the French Revolution, plus a lot of negroes and mulattoes coupled with a nasty climate and fatal illnesses… It always ends up badly for us.

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    1. Read it, and you will find why it’s degrading for us as well… It just leads, sooner or later, specially in the conditions the Frenchmen were in, to intermingling and misgenation… Even if the guys who married negresses were made virtually outcasts, that didn’t stop the White men (because there always was a shortage of White women) to have negroid mistresses…
      It shows also the divisions, even among the European Whites (never mind the Creole Whites) that existed in the colonial society of Saint Domingo… I haven’t read all of it, but for what I’ve seen, people (specially Whites) were very divided among classes, and origin (European Whites vs. Creole –island born– Whites).
      Won’t tell you more, because I’ll turn everything into a spoiler (and because I haven’t finished it either).

      Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Errrr… that’s what I have found so far on that particular book.
      But listen, the class division (which Hitler was trying to bridge, not destroy, as opposed to the Marxists) is what has made us pretty vulnerable to internecine divisions as well…
      I recall reading in an article from the National Vanguard that some of the poorest Whites allied themselves (out of pettyness or envy) with the blacks and mulattoes as well… Sigh. Hitler was trying to bridge the classes, because every class is needed. You need manual laborers and intellectual types as well. A pure intellectual type rarely does stuff with his hands, a pure manual type rarely is capable of entertaining higher thoughts…
      And you need industriousness as well.

      Me gusta

      1. That’s exactly right; and what I should have said was something should be written on how each class is treated by the other classes. And how that affects societies as a whole and how well they function.

        Le gusta a 1 persona

        1. Nowadays we have a very materialistic view ruling onto us… We tend to look up to the guys who make money (no matter HOW they did it) and to look at the underclass as undesirables. This can’t be good, and this can’t go on. Marxists and other radicals tended to use the proletarians (those who only had their own children) as a tool to overthrow the social order… now they changed tactics since some of the lower classes are still White. Now they see the downtrodden as part of racial minorities, and, somehow, they are still right.
          With afirmative action and the barring de facto of Whites on key positions, minorities can access/achieve more than ever… Take that from them, and they seldom can rise by their own efforts. If there is not a helping hand, they don’t go up the social ladder. But…
          Returning to what I said at the beginning, we know that the game is rigged by jews who help each other. And that people look up at those who have money as heroes and role models is also an indicative that the only thing that matters now is money.
          There are not classes anymore, proper. Most of us are proles, even if we are well off and hold good paying jobs. Take the good paying jobs from people… what is left? Their meager savings and maybe (if they happen to play the roulette that passes as the stock market) by having some shares of a company… But not much more than that.
          I believe, that people call “elites” what we, in other context, would simply call “oligarchs”. The “elite” of anything is conformed by the best people… can you seriously say that these people are better than us? No, their defining element is money and, if they have to stupidify large masses of people in order to rule, maybe they aren’t so good as one might believe.
          Aristocracy proper is dead, too. Or scattered. Nobility is pozzed as hell, and infiltrated with jews as well.
          The merchant men are the rulers. Have you ever heard the phrase: “people vote with their money”? It refers to purchasing stuff, of course, but the analogy is quite telling, nonetheless.
          We are proles, no matter how much we have… And the mistreatment stems of some superficial differences, but deep enough to make people look at each other with fear, distrust, and envy.
          Hitler tried to bridge those differences. His “experiment” got thwarted by the war and the short duration of his rule. Maybe, if the NSDAP had ruled a bit more, we might have witnessed a different society.
          No matter how well off or poor is someone, if he is White, he is your brother.
          Marxists (jews) still harp about class divisions, because they know it works, despite having shifted a bit their focus. It’s another tool on their toolbox.
          Well, I hope I made myself clear.

          Le gusta a 1 persona


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