Philosophizing with the Hammer: Sports

[This text is a translation of this entry I reblogged a while back. I do not claim any ownership of this text — many thanks must be given to Editorial Kamerad, who graciously has let me translate it, for the delight of English readers who can’t read Spanish. If you are a native Spanish speaker, or can read well Spanish, it’s worth to give them a visit.]

Philosophizing with the Hammer: Sports


“All the important peoples of History had a high athletic culture, because the well formed and healthy bodies are the seal of immortality of the race of men that adopts them. Dominating and conquering cannot be achieved without having trained hard before, and whoever thinks otherwise is either ignorant or lazy.”


“To practice sports is to make effort, is to get closer and closer to the ideal of the Olympic man of our forefathers, that man-hero that elevated himself and touched the gods.

Sadly we have nowadays a very different man and not so worthy of imitation, that appears each time that we turn on our T.Vs, that materialistic man-brand devoid of values that has become completely empty and unworthy.”


“We have to admire athletes for their achievements and deeds and not for the piles of money they get as a reward. On this the ancient athletes had an edge over us, because, for them the prize was the honor of knowing they were the winners and to feel like the pride of their people. Of most of the famous sportsmen of today I can say that half of them are stateless mercenaries and that the other half are inventions of the corrupt and showy sports journalism.”


“And now that I am talking of journalism, I have to add that, in general, those who claim to know about sports, those who call themselves sports journalists and speak about one and another sport as if they were experts on everything, are exactly the same people who the only thing they exercised on their entire lives was their tongue.”


“But if there is someone that I despise even more than these sports journalists is their thousands and thousands of consumers.
That someone with extra adiposity, sitting very comfortably on an armchair in front of the TV, eating trash and with a breath that reeks of beer tells me that he likes sports, is something that makes my stomach churn.”


“Many motives put me at odds with the modern world, specially those that have to do with physical idleness. Nowadays the obesity rates of the so-called developed countries are skyrocketing, a grave and clear symptom of the evolutionary setback we are living in. If, as some say, ancient man evolved from apes, I add undoubtedly that if modern man keeps going with this relaxed lifestyle, he will end up evolving into a pig.”


“It’s known that a strong man is not afraid of a fight, nor he lets his rights to be trampled, because he is not so tameable. That’s why the modern world pushes us into comfort, that’s why it celebrates weakness, that’s why it presents sports to us as a spectacle practiced by others and not as an obligation of our own.”


“If we feel stronger, more resistant, faster, we will be able to work and complete all of our daily activities with more energy, we will be able to achieve more, we will be able, in short, to be more useful in our community and to the people that surrounds us, that’s the real socialism.”


“Physical exercise doesn’t only makes us stronger, it also gives us discipline, a fundamental and foundational component of a good character.”


“To practice sports is not to waste time, is to invest time, an investment in which we are not speculating with any result, but in which we program it.”


“With athletics, swimming, boxing, cycling, gymnastics, rock climbing, rowing, football and with so many other disciplines to choose from, there is no excuse to not practice sports and to not become fit.”


“There is only one discipline I don’t recommend at all, and it’s bodybuilding, because it is a mere aesthetic fetishism and because it is the more perfect and refined representation of the physical decadence of today, that is, pure appearances. Inflated drug addicts with injections and shakes that the only thing they do is to look themselves at the mirror can’t be example of nothing else than the excess of ego.”


“Sports are not only for men, it is also up to women to practice them. If women went to the gym more often, and less to the mall, I’m sure that they wouldn’t be complaining so much that they are fat or that they have a couple of extra kilos. And I am sure that we, the men, would be more grateful to them.”


“The different governments should encourage sports, schools should give more importance to physical education and not the useless two weekly hours that we are accustomed to. We must be taught to think, that’s true, but also we have to be forced to shape a strong body that sustains that head full of ideas, and that is, in short, the concept of having a healthy mind in a healthy body, the two complement and it cannot and it should not exist one without the other.”

June 5, 2016

Autor: Gas Mask

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