They’ll Kill You Even if You “Love” Them | National Vanguard

[That’s why you don’t let them near you, that’s why you don’t help them! Let them sink or swim, but do not interfere! Niggers are like grown children… with more testosterone, lower aggression inhibition and bigger bodies (than children). It’s on their DNA.]

They’ll Kill You Even if You “Love” Them

Saskia Burke and the Black arrested for killing her, William Gary Simpson

by David Sims

WHITE PEOPLE should never turn a friendly face toward Blacks, nor ever make yourself vulnerable to them by offering them your help. A young Black man named William Gary Simpson was allowed to share the home of a White family. He refused to accept a job when he was offered one. He refused to pay any rent. He became angry when he perceived that the White family valued each other more than they valued him, a stranger of another race who was receiving their charity. In his resentment, he stabbed three members of the family with a knife, wounding two men and killing the daughter, 18-year-old Saskia Burke, by stabbing her in the neck.

The same thing happens in Europe with Middle Eastern invaders. A 17-year-old Muslim male raped and murdered Maria Ladenburger, age 19. Maria’s father, Dr. Clemens Ladenburger, works as lawyer for the legal director of the European Commission. Now that he has tasted its poison fruit himself, I wonder if the grieving father continues to support the immigration policies of Germany…

GM’s comment: Me too. How suicidal can someone get? It’s a shame. You’ll see more of the consequences of this misguided altruism if you…

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4 comentarios en “They’ll Kill You Even if You “Love” Them | National Vanguard”

  1. I have NO sympathy for these brainless, love everybody, SJW cunts who deliberately put themselves at risk, knowing how these shit races behave. Reports of niggers raping and killing Whites have been in the news for decades. What is it about niggers you don’t get???

    I was watching the earthquake movie San Andreas yesterday when, after the quake, the hero was herding people against a wall so they wouldn’t be struck by falling debris, when he sees this nigger female huddling in fear on the sidewalk, just before being hit himself, he scoops her up to safety. I immediately thought he should have left the ape there to die. I would have.

    So, sorry, Toots, I have no pity for you.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. These “love everybody” cultists… They are brainless, braindead, dumbed down sheeple!
      I have a word or two for these “love everyone” peeps… Watch their facade fall when you tell them you are the short version of a Nationalsocialist (the jewish invented word you know)…
      Watch them drop their tolerance and shriek for war and calamities unto you, in the most hateful way they can muster!!

      Le gusta a 1 persona


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