forbidden history: the struggle for truth in history


One myth of our times is that official history is – or even can be – objective and true.  Inconvenient facts are routinely suppressed, trivialized or ignored in official histories.  So much of what passes for “history” is propaganda, even crude propaganda.  The late Dr. Harry Elmer Barnes told his students and readers of the need for bringing history into accord with the facts.  That is the purpose of true historical revisionism: to make historiography objective, factual and true.  We must critically examine what currently is claimed as history to verify its veracity or lack thereof.

In this essay, we offer a number of links to well researched and thought provoking articles on some hot button historical issues.  The reader can choose what to read and what not to read.  As well, each individual will have to decide for him or herself what is the truth.  A discussion about whether humans…

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10 comentarios en “forbidden history: the struggle for truth in history”

    1. Hahahahahahahaha!!!
      “you are disgusting”
      “how can you like someone who killed millions of people, you monster”
      I am a disgusting monster then. Really, I am curious… Has somebody ever got mad with your posts?

      Me gusta

      1. I’d have to check all comments in all posts since June 2014 and remember I have 2 sites, so I really don’t recall any off the top. I had someone rag me out because of my post on “Lasha Darkmoon Coward & Liar” I think it’s called, but no one has ever questioned my holohoax posts.

        Le gusta a 1 persona

        1. Try to tag pertinently your posts. Use tags like “holocaust” and “nazi” (yeah I know both are jewish inventions but normies will use these words). Do not exceed the maximum of 15 tags (categories count towards that limit too, so watch it) to make your posts show up on the Reader.
          The global one at WordPress.

          Me gusta


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