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  1. GM, as I told you the transfaggot gaybriel has been talking about you too on Nodisinfo mex board. Lol, what a perv!


    SEPTEMBER 1, 2017 AT 6:32 PM

    Now Hassan posts on Rudolf’s blot also!
    Rudolf’s blot is the new disinfo.com with cowgoy, rude dolt, Christine and now Hassan. There’s one other person, too- “gas mask” it calls itself. Too funny and a real circle jerk of outcasts. Rudolfblog.com»

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      1. Yes. Indeed. It is a poor loser embittered to death because everybody reject him. I have offered him to behave honestly, which maybe he did for a short time. Then, when I asked explanations about certain old comments, he blew up like a baloon.

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        1. Well, as I say…
          He is pretty much like the jews. He has problems because he is such a salty poor asshole.
          What a sad life he has. I am not kidding when I say I don’t even think much of him, because honestly, he is not my friend nor anything. Man, what an envious dweeb he is!
          Poor soul, he needs to be «released» from his mortal shell.
          (Or alternatively, accept himself and begin getting his shit together).

          Me gusta

        2. It is compulsive in his posts. I syrongly suspect he is posting on g+ too as Paul Wilson. I have bashed that idiot for many consecutive mex there, until I found many similarities with gabriel’s way of expressing. Now the surreal is happening: he is sending kisses to me and to the reblogger of the thread..ROFL…!!!

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    1. It’s crazy because I don’t even lurk there on NoDisinfo. Guess Gaybee is really obssesed with you, Rudolf. Like, he has a trauma with you.
      I’ve seen Hassan once or twice comment there on your blog. Gaybee is really an autist, as per the word on the chans.
      He loooooooves you!! He loves everyone who posts/comments on your blog!! That would make him, ironically, a bisexual, not a faggot, because poor Christine is a she.

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        1. Wow. What a salty moron. I guess he takes inspiration from the names he sees on your comments, because he runs out of creativity to invent new names.
          He thinks he is soooo smart doing that. Poor gaybee.

          Me gusta

        2. The most deranged faggot of the JIDF! Well, you can’t say the JIDF has high standards or anything. If they had, they wouldn’t be the JIDF, they would be something else.

          Me gusta

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