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The New Town Hall (German: Neues Rathaus) is a town hall at the northern part of Marienplatz in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. It hosts the city government including the city council, offices of the mayors and part of the administration. In 1874 the municipality had left the Old Town Hall for its new domicile.

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The decision to constructed a new building came due to the lack of space in the Old Town Hall and the small Town Hall on Petersbergl (destroyed in 1944). In memory of the bourgeois high season during the Gothic period, the choice fell upon a neo-gothic design, which allowed an implement an independent architectural accent in contrast to the buildings of the royal family.

The North side of the Marienplatz was chosen as the building site, where the house of the Landstände still stood which had been erected by the Bavarian Duke…

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Swedes Recommended to Stop Making Babies for the Sake of Environment

Swedes! Can’t you see the connection between White genocide and over obsession with environmental concerns? Guess what: the Somalis you import have almost four children per woman. That, will amount to the eventual genetic replacement of the Swedish nation. A Swede from one hundred years from now will not be the same Swede I was used to (aka, a White, usually blond Swede). Your overobsession with the enviroment is literally killing you, and those who will replace you won’t give a fuck about it, because they are uncapable of such an abstration. Also, global warming is bogus as hell. As for contamination… well, Somalis don’t give a damn, honestly. Just look at any African country, most of them live in shanty towns full of trash and contamination.

What Is the Correct Average IQ for American Blacks?


by James Buchanan

For many decades, the average IQ for American Blacks was said to be 85. The average IQ of Blacks in Africa however is about 70 with several African nations averaging in the 60s.

While it’s true that the American Black population is actually racially-mixed or «colored,» the percentage of White genes in the Black population is only about 25 percent. In order to raise the Blacks up from an average IQ of 70 for pure Africans to 85 points, given that the White average is 100 and assuming the average IQ of a group is linearly related to their racial make up, the percent of racial admixture would have to be 50 percent for the colored population to have an 85 point IQ, which is not the case.

One source notes «When (Charles) Murray analyzed trends on the Woodcock-Johnson test, he found that Black men born from…

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El problema de los inmigrantes

editorial kamerad

El problema de los inmigrantes

El problema de los inmigrantes

El problema de los inmigrantes (1 pag.)


Karl Gottman


“Muy a menudo, los medios de comunicación masiva, nos muestran una imagen distorsionada de la inmigración, la mayoría de las veces resaltan las presuntas virtudes y los supuestos beneficios económicos que traen al país, por el contrario nunca se trata a la inmigración como lo que realmente es, un gran problema.” (Karl Gottman)

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Un mundo en agonía

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Un mundo en agonía

Un mundo en agonía

Un mundo en agonía (4 pags.)


Karl Gottman


“Fieles a sí mismos y a nuestro prójimo, así erguidos vemos a nuestro alrededor como todo se derrumba, degenera y corrompe. La tradición, el amor a la patria, los valores elevados, la familia y el matrimonio, todo ha sido subvertido. Por debajo, los hombres son alejados de la tierra y sus raíces; por arriba, son alejados de lo trascendente e incluso de sí mismos, pues son arrojados al desconocimiento, a los vicios y a la autodestrucción.”
(Karl Gottman)

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( GB ) Niños refugiados : ‘Usted es tan estúpido – Estoy en mis 20 años.’ ( Familias de acogida en shock )




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