Adolf Hitler, discursos (1933-1938)

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Adolf Hitler, discursos (1933-1938)

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler, discursos (1933-1938) (389 pags.)


Adolf Hitler


Selección de discursos de Adolf Hitler pronunciados entre 1933 y 1938.

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The Orwellian Steamroller


Few will have missed the news relating to the removal of Confederate statues demanded by the militant left and now being enthusiastically implemented by the liberal puppets in local government, a joint cosmopolitan mindset and a universalist outlook revising history from their perspective.

Of course the BBC have been cheerleaders for the project, smearing anyone opposed to the demolition to their culture and heritage as KKK, white supremacists, etc., etc., the usual tactics designed to stifle opposition and silence anyone with opinion contrary to that of the agitational liberal-left and its revisionist agenda. To fully implement their agenda it is necessary to re-write history, statues and other symbols of an illustrious past simply don’t have a place in societies multi-ethnic and multi-cultural, after all such reminders of yesteryear are exclusively white and a reminder to an era where our race built civilisation, were discoverers, scientists, Warriors, scientists and statesmen.



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