5 comentarios en “A universal nation is no nation at all”

    1. Yup. That’s what the jews do… and it has worked for them.
      I mean, our nation is our blood. Our people. The territory is important, yes, but look at our situation right now. Whites are being infiltrated everywhere by invaders, thanks to the ius soli…
      The jews show that, if you stick, you can hold on and survive. Even without a territory. Granted, a big part of their identity has to do with the fact that they are rootless cosmopolitans. But they also stick together…
      You gotta give the devil his due, even if we are mortal enemies.

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        1. Yes.
          Like sticking together and not giving two shits about other people who aren’t like them… It’s not necessary to be absolute bastards as they are, we just need to keep to ourselves.
          (Basically, don’t be a stupid liberal who believes you have to help niggers in Africa who eat each other and you’ll be fine).

          Me gusta

        2. Basically, we have to be crafty, sneaky, demeaning & infiltrate in order to uproot them. That’s how they got in, that’s how they’ll be gotten out.

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