13 comentarios en “Attacking jewish reputation”

  1. A passionate article, but we are already doing these things. Nothing is changing. Time for more action, but what? I’m already hissing at jews in public. I’d like to take a club to them but jail would limit my swing. Hahahaha!

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    1. Hey, you are back. Go play golf if you wanna swing a club… Hahahahahaha!
      Today I’ve been posting anti-politico, jewwise comments in some places. Now I have managed to make a fake Failberg account without FB asking for a mobile number! Sheer luck and a failed attempt one month ago helped me somehow 🙂

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        1. That’s a secret… Just kidding, missus. I am a namesake of our zio prez Macri, except that I go as Gomez. I wanted to call myself as him, but I repented cause it would be too obvious… Anyway, I just began two or three days ago, so there is not much activity anyway.
          Seek Mauricio Gomez and look at the avatar. It’s the same image that I use as the Gas Mask logo at the homepage.
          I’ve been commenting at Perfil.com, Argie news site, so you won’t understand my comments, I think. Not at least without using Goofy Translate…

          Me gusta

        1. Oh… Maybe it’s really too common a name. And we are far away, remember.
          Maybe it’s my privacy settings. I can’t remember if I made it private or not.
          Probably is because of that.

          Me gusta

        2. Well, the net makes it seem like we’re right next door. Check your settings and I’ll look again later.

          I’m going to catch a few more posts then go back to reading. I had an epiphany about the gods I want to talk to you about in a few days. Not happy about it.

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        3. I still have to polish some stuff there. Silly me…
          By the record, you can use a disposable email address from Guerrilla Mail… I made the FB account with one of those, pretty surprising too.

          Me gusta


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