Morality and Abstract Thinking – How Africans may differ from Westerners

Autor: Gas Mask

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9 comentarios en “Morality and Abstract Thinking – How Africans may differ from Westerners”

  1. Niggers are genetically inferior. They are incapable of abstract thinking and considering the consequences of their actions. The jews knew this when they killed Lincoln because he was going to send them back, among other things.

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    1. They are dumber by all European standards…
      You guys should resend them to Africa. Even Black nationalists have to admit that, if they wanna be truly independent, they should not rely on the infrastructure and inventions of the White man… That would mean that they implictly accept the White man… because they are using our inventions.
      Either they learn to be independent while having a decent quality of life, or they sink, but we shouldn’t help them anymore… Too many givemedats for so many years… are they adults or children? Anyway, I repeat, it shouldn’t be our problem anymore.

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        1. Good question. It won’t be the idiot you have posing as the POTUS, that’s for sure.
          You will have to seize power (and by you I mean American WN types)… Ironically, making the blacks proud of their heritage might make them more receptive of that “suggestion”. If, somehow, some black nationalists/important blacks can be convinced of this, maybe the rest might follow suit…

          Me gusta

        2. You are right. After all, the bleached blonde, spray tanned, tiny handed & inflated POTUS is busy doing the jews’ agenda: sowing confusion & division. And why should he care for niggers? It was the jews that put him in power, but that will back fire soon.

          As for making blacks proud of their heritage, the only heritage they have or had was from the White Man. Nope, they ain’t going anywhere.

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        3. I think that I get your point. You mean that they like the shiny good stuff that White men create, so they won’t go (by their own) to Africa… Yes, you are right. After all, nothing is stopping them now to board a plane and live there. Why they aren’t doing it?
          However, they love to bite the hand that feeds them… They are shooting themselves on the foot, since no one else is that tolerant of them. Meskins hate them more than anything else… The Chinese? The chinks don’t give a shit about PC. Heck, not even their “friends” the jews care about them…

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        4. You got that right. They bite the hand because they know they won’t get slapped. Any dog is better disciplined. By being consigned to a “minority” they know they’ve achieved god like powers. No one dares raise a hand.

          Well, back to cleaning. Far more interesting then fussing about the stinking jews, that and along with my post apocalyptic music, I can almost say I’m having a good time. Hahahhaa!

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