6 comentarios en “Rules for Radicals – Also White Nationalists”

  1. Timeless instructions, but they must be continually implemented. We have certainly sent plenty of emails to the enemy. However, blocking is to easy for them to do. Physical, posted letters will do more, provided we can get the addresses.

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    1. Indeed…
      That approach works best locally — you could write to the local zios on the States, I could write to the above mentioned on Argieland.
      Across the borders it tends to be a bit more unwieldy (and expensive, too!) which might be a factor if you are “frugal”… Hahahahahaha!
      There are also even more stuff that can be done as well with physical addresses (some of them are a bit nefarious and certainly, annoying). I am NOT calling for death threats and the like, just general annoyance.

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        1. Hahahahahahahaha!!
          Sheeeit, I don’t even know if we have one around here… Never seen a full on rabbi (that is, the type that goes with the beard, the yarmulkes and the kippah).
          Maybe they are hidden, maybe they are more secularized (or are Reformists). I don’t know.

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        2. Lights out! Signing off miss, see you tomorrow! Low battery on the dumbphone, old battery on the laptop, not much autonomy.
          We are in a blackout, dunno when the lights might come back.
          It could be in a few minutes or in a hour. Again, if I don’t reply today, see you tomorrow… (it’s kinda late anyway).

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