¿Donde está Wally?

Bah, no es exactamente Wally (o Waldo) al cual me refiero…


Rendición artística del quía. Buena mano para dibujar, hay que reconocerlo.


Por casi dos meses y medio, hice un esfuerzo consciente para no hablar de este tema. ¿Saben por qué? Porque me tenía las bolas llenas (y aun me cansa, sepanlo). Tanta intoxicación informativa tiene el efecto de cansarme… Holocaust Fatigue le llamarían si estuviera hablando del Holocuento. Pero eso ya es harina de otro costal. Hoy no voy a hablar de eso. Leer más “¿Donde está Wally?”

Divide and Rule

White Ragnarok

This ancient tactic is a favorite of the jews.

Man and woman are divided by feminism.

Child and parents are divided by public schooling and anti-authoritarianism.

Neighbors and folk are divided by class warfare.

Political power is divided by political parties and blocs.

Races are divided by forced integration and multiculturalism.


Jews are allying themselves with the feminists and homosexuals.

Jewesses have a preferred occupation of teaching in schools and universities.

Jews were both communists and capitalists.

Liberal jews are allying themselves with the political left and neocon jews are allying themselves with the political right.

Jews are allying themselves with the Democrats and the Republicans. Etc.

Jews are allying themselves with the minorities, be they black, hispanic, asian, or arab.

Jews are allying themselves with christians and muslims.

What should we do? Our enemies are our greatest teachers. Divide the jews from their…

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A non-democratic approach

White Ragnarok

I previously stated my belief that there is no voting ourselves out of our predicament, and I don’t have faith in mass democracy in general, especially in the age of public schooling and television. This isn’t really helpful, unless an alternative exists. I propose building power structures outside the mainstream political system, and using these to influence society.

Just in Denmark with an estimated ~6000 jews, they have multiple organizations: Mosaisk trossamfund, Dansk Zionistforbund, Dansk-Jødisk venskab, Dansk-Israelsk forening, Nordjyske Venner af Israel, etc., and they have people in government and media positions. If I were to take a wild guess and say we also have 6000 white nationalists in Denmark (0.1 % of the population), then from a numbers perspective we should be able to exert just as much influence as the jews and essentially counter their domestic activities.

How should we organize? The internet is one way, but it…

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Interdependence vs independence

White Ragnarok

Consider a loaf of bread made at the baker. The ingredients are wheat, water, and yeast. The wheat seeds are planted, mineral and organic fertilizer is spread on the field, the plants are sprayed with pesticides, the fields are harvested, the grain is transported, the grain is hulled and milled, the flour is packaged and transported to the baker. Consider likewise for the water transport and yeast production. The bread is baked in electric ovens.

The seeds are purchased from an American company. The wheat may be grown in any EU-country. The harvesters and trucks are produced in Germany or Sweden, and run on middle-eastern oil. The oven is produced in China. The electricity comes from a windmill, assembled domestically from foreign materials. The magnets are made in China from rare-earth elements mined in North Korea.

Baking a loaf of bread today is dependent on the collaboration of multiple international…

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