8 comentarios en “Divide and Rule”

  1. The jews have created all these divisions, they ally with no one but themselves. They created “minorities” by convincing outlander groups that Whites are the oppressors and the source of all their problems & laws suppressing Whites is the only way to protect themselves.

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    1. Yep. Everywhere. Even idiotic Whites join some of these non-Whites, against the rest of us…
      Now I am making a post (in Spanish, sorry), about a guy who went missing over two months ago. This Sunday we have (s)elections of deputies and senators, and the govt’ wants to win these… This (now dead) guy was (and is) being used by the left (and the Mapuches, who are Amerindians) to give Macri’s govt’ hell…
      Shitty computer crashed on me, and I haven’t finished yet.

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        1. He drowned. He was in a protest with the Mapuches (non-White Amerindians) and there were clashes with the local authorities. They were close to a river which has very strong currents, and he ran there to escape from the cops. He didn’t know how this particular river is, and he drowned.
          The left and the ex-prez Cristina Kirchner are using his death. His body was “found” on Tuesday.
          I say “found” because there are several inconsistencies with the left (and Mapuche) spin of the history.
          Bottom line: he was a White traitor. He died because he mingled with non-Whites to help in the demise of his fellow Whites (us Argentines).
          He is a Mr. Nobody Fuckoff.

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  2. So this is the guy?


    Sounds like a real mess over there. We had a similar problem with American Indians protesting the laying of a new oil pipeline through some of their “supposed” territory, which they would have been compensated for. Obama stopped the pipeline but Trump let it go through. No protesters missing, though.

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