Where is Waldo?

[This is a translation of my previous post. Some sources might be different, or even missing. Sorry about that. This issue is more local than anything, thus the (relative) lack of sources in English… You may use Google Translate to translate them to English.

Please, also bear in mind that, as it is practically a local issue, some of the paragraphs from the original article might be absent. Most foreign readers aren’t exactly sympathizers of the Kirchner govt’, at least, not at the levels that usually are found here…]

Bah, it’s not exactly Wally (or Waldo) who I mean…

An artistic rendition of Maldonado. You gotta recognize that the sketch artist has some skills.

For almost two and a half months, I made a conscious effort not to talk about this issue. Do you know why? Because the news coverage of this issue has been pretty much ballbusting. They have been speaking about this the full 80 days that this guy was missing (and still are covering) this issue. So much informational intoxication has the effect of tiring me… It would be called Holocaust Fatigue if I were talking about the Holyhoax. But that is already another matter. I’m not going to talk about it today.

For those who do not know (my readers outside of Argentina), two and a half months ago a boy “disappeared”, a boy who, they say, was a craftsman. Honestly, he didn’t look that much like a craftsman, but I also  understand the whitewashing they have to do, especially for PR issues and political correctness. I put myself on the shoes of the poor, badly paid sods who have to write the news (not the chief editor) who must make this guy seem more or less respectable, and above all, that he looks like one of us… That he looks like a “normal” person so that we can feel pity and say “oh, that could be my brother, or my son”…

The point is that he was anything but respectable. He was a traitor. A traitor to his race, his country, his blood (and although the family is involved and probably had something to do with his brainwashing, I do not give a damn. That makes it even worse on my book.)

This boy (well, let’s call him a man), was involved with the “Indians” who call themselves “Mapuche” and who claim certain “ancestral” lands that never belonged to them and will never belong to them (take that, you fucking leftists).

Supposedly, and according to what is still to be determined –well, they basically want to blame Gendarmerie anyway– he was killed. Or he drowned. There are some people who opt for the theory that the killers were the Mapuche… and I am one of them too.

Let’s see… Who benefits more from his death? Cui bono?

A) The Macri government.

I know, my little Kirchnerist padawan, that you hate Macri. I hate him too. Even worse, he looks to me like a buffoon and a sellout… Like Cristina [Kirchner].

The problem is that you are allying with other clownish sellouts… I am not speaking (now) of CFK and her people. I mean the “victims” of the system …

But, they are not sellouts. How they can be that if they do not own our country? You can not sell something that is not owned by you or something that you do not have control of, that would be a scam… unless the person who owns the thing (I speak almost as a lawyer) is involved or somehow facilitates the sale… Or that this person can not consent, and this other party is responsible for selling (as a curator).

The Argentine State, by action and omission, is facilitating this sale. Both the Macri government, for not punishing their actions, and Cristina Kirchner, because she is allying with them (and also for not punishing them either). This situation has been developing for quite some time already…

And also, there are other people who are guilty too. People like Maldonado, who was an accomplice. And any ignoramus (or son of a bitch) that defends them…

Yes, you read that well, if you defend the Mapuche you are either ignorant or a son of a bitch. Which one are you?


Now that this is clear, and if you have more than one neuron ……. Macri does not get anything from the fact that the corpse of the kid that they were looking for more than two months appears only four days before the mid-term elections. If you deny it, you are insane. If the Gendarmerie had “disappeared” him … why the hell would he appear? And only four days before the elections!*

[*If you are wondering why I am making this last remark, you have to bear in mind a very dirty tactic of Argentinian politics. Is not unusual to make someone die, or to plant a body in the vicinity of the territory administrated by some local (and pesky) politico (pesky for the other party, I mean). In the States and Europe you might have nefarious sex-scandals, usually involving children being abused. We have people getting killed, or dying in mysterious circumstances… Think of the pesky Clintons, but instead of getting rid of those who might reveal inconvenient truths of them, they weaponize the dead by blaming their deaths on the Republicans. A better example of this dirty tactic: the death of Heather Heyer on Charlottesville. The MSM tried to blame it on the Alt-Right, although she died of a heart attack… she was too fat, and it still was summer, not exactly the best place to be for a fat (in fact, obese) woman…]

That’s the stupidest thing you can think of. So inept can be the “evil” Gendarmerie, too?

Yes, Lilita, Macri has a ferocious incompetence…….. hahahaha, now she doesn’t say that of him. But it’s one thing to be incompetent and another to be a retard. If the Gendarmerie killed him, you have to think that they are more incompetent than Macri. Again, to make the corpse appear four days before the mid-term elections should say something… Something a bit odd.

I can not explain it any more clearly. If you do not understand, it’s because you do not want to understand, or you’re like Lilita said of Macri a few years ago: You are stupid.

B) The Mapuche “people”.

Here the theory has a little more consistency… Again, one has to ask himself, who benefits most from Maldonado’s death? Macri or the Mapuche? Clearly, the Mapuche. And the left, rotten as usual, who do not mind using a dead person if that furthers their own goals. Remember that they love playing the victim, they really love that. It also benefits Cristina Kirchner a little bit. But it benefits even more the left and the Mapuche.

“Never let a good crisis go to waste” … their “English” masters would say to the Mapuche. “English” in quotes, because the majority of them are just English on the papers. They are Jews.

Apparently it was like this:

Maldonado was with his Mapuche friends in a march making a mess, breaking shit, throwing stones, etc. The Gendarmerie came to detain the “protestors”, and they ran away, including Maldonado, to a river that the Mapuche know well (but Maldonado did not, because he was a stranger –i.e, he wasn’t from that place–). The Mapuche know that in a part of the river they have to let themselves sink to the bottom to be able to cross it by swimming (because the current of the river is so strong on the surface that if you do not do it, it carries you away). Probably our White Mapuche forgot about this small but crucial detail, and drowned.

The Mapuche then refused to let the police search on the river (they were only allowed to do so within a few meters of it) because the river was a sacred space. That is, this man could have been found in the first days of his “disappearance”, ruining the whole story for the left (especially to the journalistic left, headed by Verbitsky —Horacio Verbitsky, a jude “journalist”–). That is, nothing would have happened, there wouldn’t have been marches claiming that “Santiago is the missing person number 30.001” or anything. Zero victimization for the left, and his death would not have served to be exploited by anyone.

After two and a half months, near the midterm elections, our missing person appears… “Are you shitting me?” That was my first reaction.  He appeared, with his face “erased” and his hands like those of a doll. I mean, better than ever… (if you really, really want to see the photos of the guy, look here)

So, this might have happened…

The Mapuche knew where he was, and when things calmed down a little, they took Maldonado out of the water, and put him in a freezer (that could be the reason of why the corpse does not show as many signs of decay). Yesterday I saw photos of drowned people, and I can tell you that they don’t look like Maldonado. Especially the hands. The hands, man!

If Maldonado was nearly three months drowned in the river, he would be much worse than he is. The hands would not be pink, but white… like those of this gentleman shown here. In addition, although the face is deformed… it wouldn’t be so unrecognizable (it seems as if he never had a face, or that they burned it with acid). To see of what I’m talking about, you can see more photos of drowned people in this post. Besides, he would be much more bloated.

But they did not think it could turn out in such a mess. Maybe he was burned with acid (or beaten) in the face, to make it look like it was the work of the evuul, evuul gendarmerie. That evuul Gendarmerie who makes people disappear. Especially since Macri is faaaashist. Macri is faaaashist. Macri is…



[For those who aren’t aware, “Fascist” is used more often as an insult, instead of “Nazi” around here… But the spirit underlying both insults is the same, as you will see…]

As always: fascist = bad. And even more so for the left. Although Macri is an asswipe who is not a Fascist at all, if someone (or something) belongs to the “right” (the true right), or the economic right, that person is a fascist and therefore, bad. Or he is bad, and therefore, a fascist. It’s a circular logic, I know, but it describes well how they think. Do not expect  more from the products of the last 30 years of education emptied of real content (and stupidly ideologized with the ideas of cultural Marxism). I also had to endure all that rubbish, and for a long time I also vomited all of it like a parrot.

Conclusion: Santiago Maldonado is dead, yes. But it was not the Gendarmerie, and perhaps it was not even the Mapuche. Maldonado is a  victim of the left and of cultural Marxism, which during the last thirty years have done a lot of damage. Yes. The killers (if there are any) matter very little. Maldonado died fighting for the “rights” of people who were not like him. Even worse, he helped them, against his country, his race and family (even though the family may have had a lot to do with this too). That is, with the brainwashing that this man clearly had. With the endophobia, and the alienation from his own people.

PD: And who says cultural Marxism, says jews. One and a thousand times.


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8 comentarios en “Where is Waldo?”

  1. That’s one hell of a good report, kid! I have to say that at first he looked like a Hollywood horror dummy. Here is a clear shot of him:

    Plenty of tattoos but nothing on his hands. His hands seem normal sized for his build. He’s very bundled up in clothes. Any shots of him and the demonstrators before they were chased off that day in the news? He’s so unrecognizable that any “body” could be passed off as him. Maybe it’s a set up.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. The family said that it’s him… You know, I told my mother exactly that. That it could be anyone, even a hobo that looked somehow like him.
      Anyway, with fake body or not, it’s a psyop. But, a lot of people (even normies) aren’t buying it. The Mapuche are perceived as enemies of our nation, even by normies.
      Only extremely brainwashed liberals buy the tale of “poor Mapuche”… Brainwashed by the jews, of course.
      Also, thanks! I was a bit reluctant to translate it, because I thought that most people wouldn’t be interested at all. I carried on, nonetheless, so here we are, now.

      Me gusta

      1. I’m sure you have plenty of Argentine followers. You don’t need to translate everything, just be cause of a whiny reader or two:P It’s important to know what the jews are doing in other countries besides our own.

        The family was probly paid to identify him.

        Le gusta a 1 persona

        1. Hahahahahaha!
          Yes, I am thinking they might be doing this to make a mess to Macri’s govt’…
          But again, if they did that, they have failed miserably. Most people don’t buy it. No sympathy for them…
          My alternative view, since Macri is the local zio-trash ruler of Argieland at this time, is the following: since there are some fencesitters between him and our ex-prez Kirchner, in a twisted way, these fencesitters get galvanized in a way, to vote for Macri’s candidates. Because not so many people are sympathetic to the Mapuche “cause”…
          You have to bear in mind that this country is very polarized between Macri and the ex-prez Kirchner. Very, very polarized. And both are zio-trash (heck, both of them are JEWS!)
          Kinda similar to what is happening between Trump supporters – rest of the country in the U.S…
          Heck, even some journos around here compare Trump to Perón, really!

          Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Yes…
      Trump’s nationalism has always looked to me like a blue dollar… How a guy who has been surrounded by jews almost his entire life can be trusted? I wonder.
      Serious cognitive dissonance has to be ocurring in the minds of self avowed WNs who think that Trump is “our guy”.

      Le gusta a 1 persona


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