Seriously, Who Keeps Pushing This Crap on Our Kids? Well, I’ll give You Three Guesses and the First Two Don’t Count

Poor Disney brothers, they must be rolling on their graves…

Autor: Gas Mask

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7 comentarios en “Seriously, Who Keeps Pushing This Crap on Our Kids? Well, I’ll give You Three Guesses and the First Two Don’t Count”

  1. Let’s see now, who took over the Disney Company after Walt’s death ? Oh, wasn’t it Eisner the Jew ? Then did (((they))) have anything to do with the crap (((they))) are feeding our kids ? Therefore, my 3 answers are:
    1. The Jews
    2. The Jews
    3. The Jews
    Am I close ? Oh, by the way, Hitler was right, Gadaffi was right, Assad IS right, and before (((they))) demonize him in Hungary, Orban is right ! I also hear that the new President in Austria is standing up to them too ! When will the United States citizens stand up to them before they change our country’s name to Jew Nited States ?

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Bingo, you are right!!
      I believe that you guys are an important piece of the puzzle on toppling jewish power… If you don’t rise, the rest of humanity have little chances of wrestling power from the jews. Also, do not forget that you have the jewish parasite ensconced in such a way that it uses your resources and manpower…
      Hollywood and the issuance of money are just two tentacles of the jewish beast that are based on the U.S… And do not forget that you go to fight Israel’s wars, too.
      (I am not singling you out, other Western countries, like Germany, help the jews too by a lot). But the U.S has the highest number of White people living in a single place as a single nation, so, it can’t be underestimated…

      Me gusta

      1. My response is another question. You mentioned that Germany helps the Jews a lot. Who heads up the German government today ? Of course, it is Angela Merkel, a “Polish” Jew ! Jews created communism, and Adolf Hitler was trying to stop a communist takeover of Europe, but failed because the Jew Nited States backed the Jewish communist government of the Soviet Union. Today, it is Russia that is free, while we here in the USA are enslaved by the debt-based fiat paper called the dollar.

        Le gusta a 1 persona

        1. Of course, Germany doesn’t do it out of its own…
          It has been a colony since the year ’45. After the Führer died, and every authority of the NSDAP who could have succeded him was either dead or exiled, it got “rebuilt”, but at a very high price — the shattering of their spirits, no less.
          Mind you, when I say this or that country, I do not think ill of its people… I know pretty well the difference between the corrupt govt’s and them. The “governments” seldom represent the will of their peoples.
          That jewess Kasner has done a lot for the decline of Germany on the last years. She is directly responsible for the rise of rapes, stabbings and assaults on the German citizens — while jailing dissidents like Ursula Haverbeck merely for stating the truth… How twisted is that? A lot.

          Me gusta

    1. Wow! You are a lucky man, sir! I live too far away from the U.S but I wish best of luck for you guys…!
      And indeed, what they did to her is criminal… I wonder if that people has grandmothers or something… It’s truly despicable what they do to an old woman — while leaving REAL criminals on the streets under the premise that they are “asylum seekers” or “refugees”… That’s another token of how Germany is under the jewish rein… too sad to see such a great nation under the heel of the jews.

      Me gusta


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