6 comentarios en “Adolf Hitler, Munich, November 8, 1939, at the Bürgerbräukeller”

    1. Yes. A hero can inspire us… heck, that’s why the fake heroes like Trumpstein have an (albeit deluded) rabid following.
      People need a leader, people need a hero. A real hero, a real leader. The masses are dying for that, in fact. It can be seen even here, with the idiots shilling for Macri, despite him screwing them hard.

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  1. That’s right, I don’t think Thumper will last the full 4 years. He was (((placed))) in office to mollify Whites, pot stir the muds, and distract us from what’s (((going on))) in the background.

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    1. You know, I came up with a crazy theory today…
      That Trumpstein might be killed. Not ousted by an impeachment, KILLED.
      He might be killed by one of the following:
      1) Antifa/leftard gone haywire.
      2) Non-White (any non-White will do).
      3) Disgruntled WN dissapointed on him.
      4) The same jews who placed him in the same place. If they feel they can get away with it.
      1 & 4 might fan the flames for a civil war and/or general unrest. 2 might fan the flames for a full on race war (in practice will be the same).
      Number 3 will sow chaos and discord on the WN/Alt-Right movement in such levels that the level of division we see now will seem to be just child’s play.
      It might sound crackpot, but hey, I can’t help it. It’s just a theory anyway.
      You have to remember that the jews thrive in chaos… and in this heated political climate, a political assasination might be just the right thing for doing such.
      Gee, I am outta my mind today…

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      1. I’m not surprised. I’ve thought of it, too. I think most will find a general sense of relief. Hahaha! But chaos will be the immediate result & the jews will step in & tighten the screws. The old problem, reaction, solution. Impeaching & jailing him will also create confusion but not as much as assasination will.

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