Stahlgewitter – Germania

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Autor: Gas Mask

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  1. Stahlgewitter Germania Lyrics

    Great was once the kingdom, now it is very small,
    but once it will be invincible forever,
    the spirit is not dead, he lives in me,
    he lives in all of us and also in you,
    and one day it’s that time again,
    Germania stands on its former splendor !!!

    You have you driven into the Great War,
    but for all of us you have won anyway.
    They want us to forbid you to believe
    you want to rob us of their last respects.
    But in half a century, it’s that time again,
    the wall has fallen, we are ready again.

    We are more and more with the flag in his hand
    and sing our hymns to the fatherland.
    Ref .: Germany, Germany, Germany, Germany!
    “United Germany!”, Which sounds good,
    but did you forget what it took us.
    The German East, he was robbed,
    simply sold by our bosses.

    As for the traitors and sign,
    one thing is certain, it will not stay that way.
    Because we will never abandon,
    but traitors that we shall judge!

    Can you not it understand,
    nobody wants to see the failure?
    These are the same red pigs,
    the twist you the heads.
    But she remembers you well,
    the sayings on the wall,
    Germania stands up,
    the holy fatherland!

    I love it. Beautiful. Thanks a million.

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