Glyphosate – The Battle for the Future of EU Pesticide Approvals Rages on

Monsanto’s paws are all around the world. Here, they poison us with their product Round-Up, their glyphosate based pesticide. When I say “poison” I am actually understating it… it’s directly criminal.
They do not give a shit if their product falls over people… and when it does, consider yourself utterly screwed if you don’t have any protection. Cancer, malformations, and even more horrible illnesses and death may be in your future if it falls over you. If you live close to a soy plantation, you are screwed. That’s the reality around here in Argentina.
And now they are lobbying in the EU to re-allow it, look at their chutzpah!

Københavns Toldbod


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Københavns Toldbod (Copenhagen’s custom), most often just called Toldboden (the customs booth), was a large area in Copenhagen along the harbour at Bomløbet, where the customs department moved in 1630. It was later to be located between the Kastellet and Frederiksstaden. Most buildings were demolished 1973, and only the northern part exists today.
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Kastellet is behind on the left.
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The customs port’s total water area was around year 1900 approx. 570 Tønder land

[Danish tønde land: 5,516.2 square metres (1.3631 acres)]

The harbours include Nordre Toldbodplads (Northern Toll Booth), whose granite landing stairs (the “King’s Stairs”) are listed 1846-48, while the room’s regulation was build 1867-69. The two resident pavilions from 1905 are attributed to Osvald Rosendahl long Bale. In history, Nordre Toldbodplads is the place where foreign princely and heads of state have been received, if they have arrived by ship to Copenhagen. There was…

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