Glyphosate – The Battle for the Future of EU Pesticide Approvals Rages on

Monsanto’s paws are all around the world. Here, they poison us with their product Round-Up, their glyphosate based pesticide. When I say “poison” I am actually understating it… it’s directly criminal.
They do not give a shit if their product falls over people… and when it does, consider yourself utterly screwed if you don’t have any protection. Cancer, malformations, and even more horrible illnesses and death may be in your future if it falls over you. If you live close to a soy plantation, you are screwed. That’s the reality around here in Argentina.
And now they are lobbying in the EU to re-allow it, look at their chutzpah!

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3 comentarios en “Glyphosate – The Battle for the Future of EU Pesticide Approvals Rages on”

  1. The GR article you linked has NO science proving or even stating that Glyphosate is a definite carcinogen. “Probable” has no scientific validation. Here is the science on this pesticide:

    GR is a known conspiracy website and anything published should be researched carefully. Monsanto is certainly not trying to kill everyone. That would certainly affect their bottom line, wouldn’t it? Ha ha! The pesticides & herbicides are much safer now then they were even 20 yrs ago. Without them the world’s food supplies would give so little yields that most of us would starve. We should be more concerned with food poisoning & e.coli contamination. Wash & peel everything. Are you sure the guy who picked your carrots really washed his hands after taking a shit???

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    1. I am mad, CM, but not at you…
      The last hour I’ve been trying to link you to some studies showing (or that claim to show) the dangers of glyphosate. Here is the grip: Almost everything is behind a fucking paywall or a similar wankery…!! Arrrrrrrgh!! And my fucking phone does at times stupid redirects… making navigation a bit unwieldy.
      Now I am gonna tell you my gripe. I am not that opposed at the use of pesticides per se, my thing is the direct exposure (due to the indiscriminate spraying on people). People who live close to agricultural pools (soy plantations, mostly) are hit the worst by it. Here I found (and sorry, because I am trying to show you better than this) two studies that show the effects of direct exposure…
      Frankly, I wouldn’t have reblogged this if I only had seen it on GR. I don’t like it much either, its leftist slant is too noticiable. Usually they shill for any fucko leftist who claims to be “against the big bad US”… I live in Latin America, you know, so I know most of these politicos are full of crap.
      Sadly, I can’t keep talking to you at the moment, because I have to run an errand right now. But before I leave, I’ll show you a source (from where I am trying to look at the studies myself).

      Just look at the Annex, that’s where the studies are listed. I tried to search for the first, and I hit paywalls and weird redirects everywhere. Note the following: my linking to it doesn’t necessarily imply that I endorse the file contents (the “lets make green, sustentable agriculture”) on itself.
      Again, my gripe is at the excessive exposure of glyphosate, more than the thing itself.
      I have to go now, so we will talk about it later.

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      1. Thanks for all the links; I’ll get to them tomorrow. I don’t know what kind of precautions SA farmers are taking when they spray their fields nor what weather conditions are causing excess spray on nearby towns. In and of itself, glyphosate doesn’t seem to directly cause cancer, but anything can affect you if your exposure is constant and excessive. If you can get some info or videos on how Argentina sprays their crops & with what, I’d love to see it.

        I didn’t mean to be all barky, forgive me. It’s never at you, only the info. If we can come to some decent conclusion about all this, I’ll put up a post on it. It’s important because stupid Americans think everything chemical is bad, not realizing they are composed of chemicals themselves. The word chemical, like NAZI or hate crime are trigger words that prejudice the reader before he has a chance to think for himself. I want to stop that, as you do.

        Run your errands and we’ll chat tomorrow.

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