2 comentarios en “David Irving ended the Suppression | Hollow-Hoax”

  1. I will be meeting with David Irving this week in the USA to discuss lots of these very things that have been hidden from “We The People” for all these years. Thanks to people like Mr. Irving, IHR, Thomas Goodrich, Benton L. Bradberry, and now John Wear, the truth is out there for all to see and hear. The German people were the real “victims” of both WWI & WWII, and the truth vindicates the people from their loss of honor and of life itself !

    Do those words in itself make me a Nazi, a term I dislike hearing and truly do not believe in. The National Socialists enabled the German people to recover quickly from the Globalist induced economic Depression of the 1930s. Watch the actions and results of the leadership of Viktor Orban in 21st Century Hungary, actions very much like that of the National Socialists. Will Orban be the next victim of the Globo-Zionist evil ?

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    1. He is certainly being the target of that disgusting Soros kike. Soros is not more Hungarian than I am… he is Hungarian just in the papers. If I get a paper which says that I am a Hungarian, does that make me Hungarian? No, because I do not live in Hungary. My family certainly doesn’t hail from there. I didn’t grow up in Hungary, and my ancestors, AFAIK, don’t hail from there either.
      Nation is more than a paper that states citizenship of a certain state. The nation is alive, it predates the states and the very idea of them, too.
      And indeed, the Germans were the true victims in both wars. The worst thing of it all is not the loss of both of them (although it was devastating in both cases for them). The worst is that their honor has been insulted, their history has been twisted and warped, and, to add insult to injury, the jews broke their national pride. Their pride of being German. That’s terrible. If a people shouldn’t be ashamed of being what they are, they are said people.
      The jews, on the other hand……

      Le gusta a 2 personas


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