And some laughed at us when we said none of these assholes are on our side

Want even more proof that Trump is a zio-shill? Check here:
With info from the old Rudolfblog, now defunct thanks to a overzealous WP “community guardian”. Still, you can see everything that was posted in there, including Cowboy’s comments (the photos with most of the captions that are featured here were posted by him first on the original thread).

Autor: Gas Mask

Please visit if you are fed up with jewish lies and bullcrap!

15 comentarios en “And some laughed at us when we said none of these assholes are on our side”

        1. It’s in Spanish, so he will have to use a translator to reply to normies there.
          The redpilling opportunity is inmense! That’s why I am doing a killing there now.

          Me gusta

        2. Well, the same can be said of my Italian. I can understand most of it, especially if I take my time to read, but I can’t reply in it.
          Both Spanish and Italian are mutually intelligible, but you still need to know the words in order to build a coherent sentence in either language…

          Me gusta

    1. Also, thanks man for the reblog. In fact it was something that you guys did at your old blog.
      It’s astounding that people that claim to be jew-wise still believe in Trump. He rose thanks to the jews, for fucks sake!

      Me gusta

        1. Yes, that’s true. That’s why I made a fake FB account. Mainly to redpill normies there.
          I got that FB account by sheer luck and patience. I had a botched first attempt (because I didn’t want to give Zuckyboy my phone), and then, after several weeks or so, I tried again (with same fake data, mail and all). Surprisingly it didn’t ask for my phone number to confirm the account via SMS this time.
          Failberg still hounds me to put a phone number in there, but I can use it normally without doing it.
          Incredible. I guess they want people in it anyway.

          Me gusta


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