“OY VEY” the Master Gorillion speaks up

Trump sure shows his strings, and (((who))) is pulling them…
He is a zio-shill puppet!!

Autor: Gas Mask

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4 comentarios en ““OY VEY” the Master Gorillion speaks up”

    1. They are the same kind of fake opp. They won’t save anyone… except their jew masters.
      My pal Rudolf loves these kind of parodies. I get a laugh out of them, too.
      And these drive the point faster than lots of articles and essays.
      Es decir, la gente se cree que Trump y Putin de alguna manera van a salvar a la raza blanca y a la civilización occidental… cuando no es así, son falsa oposición.
      Morite de risa también con la parodia de Shiksa Goddess, aparecen en el video fotos de todos estos en el Muro de los Lamentos…
      Como para que queden dudas de que lado están…
      Gracias por comentar… 🙂

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    1. You know, that’s what made me distrust Trump boy the first time I heard about his “white nationalism”, his MAGA slogan…
      He has being surrounded by jews his entire life! He rose thanks to them!!
      I am reminded of Revilo Oliver’s (or were these the words of Dr. Pierce?)… Anyway, Trump would be like those businessmen who put one of their fingers on their mouth and then takes it away, wet, so to know in which direction the wind is blowing… That’s why he can’t be trusted.
      And all the proof that exists against him just reinforces this idea, and the fact that he is a jewish puppet, too.

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