Black Teacher Helped her Students Cheat


by Jeff Davis

It is a statistical fact that Black students score 15 IQ points lower on average than White students. This IQ gap has persisted for over 100 years and despite the best efforts of democracies including magnet schools, busing, ad nauseam, nothing seems to be able to change this. Add to this, the fact that Whites have a brain size 80cc’s larger than Blacks on average. The average White brain size is 1347cc’s. The average Black brain size is 1267cc’s and the largest brain size of an ape on record is 700cc’s.

While it may seem “harsh” to point out these facts, maybe western democracies need to realize that you can’t expect different races to have the same exact abilities. Perhaps, expectations need to be adjusted to correspond to each group’s inherent ability.

CBS Atlanta reports: “A former fifth-grade teacher implicated in a cheating scandal reportedly gave students…

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