Short thoughts on the so-called «classes» of yore…

[This began as a comment in other of my posts so don’t expect much in-depth here. Basically, this has a bit to do with the so called «classes» that the Marxist (jewish in core) ideologies insist to label people into, and to incite class-warfare into the society body as well…]


Nowadays we have a very materialistic view ruling onto us… We tend to look up to the guys who make money* (no matter HOW they did it) and to look at the underclass as undesirables. This can’t be good, and this can’t go on. Marxists and other radicals tended to use the proletarians (those who only had their own children) as a tool to overthrow the social order… now they changed tactics since some of the lower classes are still White. Now they see the downtrodden as part of racial minorities, and, somehow, they are still right.**
With affirmative action and the barring de facto of Whites on key positions, minorities can access/achieve more than ever… Take that from them, and they seldom can rise by their own efforts. If there is not a helping hand, they don’t go up the social ladder. But…
Returning to what I said at the beginning [of this text], we know that the game is rigged by jews who help each other. And that people look up at those who have money as heroes and role models is also an indicative that the only thing that matters now is money.
There are not classes anymore, proper. Most of us are proles, even if we are well off and hold good paying jobs. Take the good paying jobs from people… what is left? Their meager savings and maybe (if they happen to play the roulette that passes as the stock market) by having some shares of a company… But not much more than that.***
I believe, that people call “elites” what we, in other context, would simply call “oligarchs”. The “elite” of anything is conformed by the best people… can you seriously say that these people are better than us? No, their defining element is money and, if they have to stupidify large masses of people in order to rule, maybe they aren’t so good as one might believe.
Aristocracy proper is dead, too. Or scattered. Nobility is pozzed as hell, and infiltrated with jews as well.
The merchant men are the rulers. Have you**** ever heard the phrase: “people vote with their money”? It refers to purchasing stuff, of course, but the analogy is quite telling, nonetheless.
We are proles, no matter how much we have… And the mistreatment stems of some superficial differences, but deep enough to make people look at each other with fear, distrust, and envy.
Hitler tried to bridge those differences. His “experiment” got thwarted by the war and the short duration of his rule. Maybe, if the NSDAP had ruled a bit more, we might have witnessed a different society.
No matter how well off or poor is someone, if he is White, he is your brother.
Marxists (jews) still harp about class divisions, because they know it works, despite having shifted a bit their focus. It’s another tool on their toolbox…


*Just look at Donald Trump, for example. He is not a classic politician, but he ended up being the new POTUS. Here we have a similar example with Mauricio Macri. Engineer by trade, although he lived on daddy’s monies and he has always worked on the familial emporium of the Macri family. Yes, I know, the democratic game is a rigged and pointless one. But people look up to businessmen and other moneyed people (like rich socialites and football players) as role models. People look up to them as examples of hard-working (although it might sound more or less incredible), successful people. They are good at playing the rat game. I can name more examples of this, but the reader probably can name more examples as well.

**Marxists/jews use minorities (and guilt-ridden, mostly rich Whites) as «agents of change» now. They might be downtrodden or not, but they have to be minorities. They shifted tactics probably 50 or 60 years ago, maybe the Civil Rights Movement marked that shift more than anything. For the first time, minorities (negroes, at that time) would be used in a weaponized way by the jews, in an overt way.

You might notice that I am saying «Marxists/jews» instead of saying only «jews»… I am not trying to muddy the waters, I am just pointing that the Marxian version of judaism is which uses the terms «classes», «class warfare» «bourgeoisie» and «proletarians» more than anyone else.

***Or a house, if they are a bit lucky. But not much more than that. I recall reading a phrase on the meaning of the word: «job»… Just Over Broke.

****That was referred to the person I was replying originally to, that’s why it has that personal tone. But it’s a good point anyway.

It stems from the comparison of ballots to dollars. Purchasing power used to buy something might be compared as casting a vote to a candidate in the democratic elections system. 

We are All Equal — There are no differences!!! OH WA—


WE DINDU NUFFIN!! WE DINDU NUFFIN!! WE DINDU NUFFIN!! Continuar leyendo «We are All Equal — There are no differences!!! OH WA—»

Fake News, or… We are A+ Class Whiners Because We Don’t Have the Monopoly of that Anymore

[Because a certain someone asked for the translation, I’m doing it. My comments go in italics, as usual… Also, I’ve translated this stuff from Jewgle Translate again. Tell me if there are grammatical errors or weird phrasing, I tried to fix all of it but maybe something might have escaped me…]

[This is an article that comes from the newspaper PERFIL… It seems that’s written by a son of Fontevecchia (the founder of the newspaper)… or, at least, some relative of his. He bleeds from the wound that they self-inflicted themselves, poor thing. Yesterday was the day of the Journalist in Argentina, that’s why we have this «reflection» that more than a reflection seems to be an attack…]

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Jewish Tactics [Of Ill Persuasion]

Jews, jews, jews… always talking about those damned jews. What’s your beef with the Jews, Gas Mask? You are obsessed with them.

That’s right. Always talking about those damned jews. I’m as repetitive as a broken disc. Jews this and jews that, jews those and jews who.

Well, that’s one of their tactics. Don’t believe me?

Tell me what you associate with jewish people.

What comes immediately to your head?

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The Gallery of Horrors II — No Gay Porn this Time [Luckily] — Second Parts are Never Good

This is the second (and somehow quick) installment of the Gallery of Horrors. This time it won’t feature porn of any type, for the relief of every hapless reader out there. However…

However, I’ll feature something more disturbing. Much, much more disturbing… Children being abused. How the hell are you going to feature children being abused, Gas Mask?! Are you a sick fuck, dude?!?! Continuar leyendo «The Gallery of Horrors II — No Gay Porn this Time [Luckily] — Second Parts are Never Good»

Gallery of Horrors. Some people are dead inside [NSFW] +18

This will be the raunchiest, most disgusting post that will get published here on this blog so far.

You are warned. If you are sensitive I recommend not to see this post, and if you are here and are sensitive, please go away. I do not make myself responsible for vomiting, upset stomachs, jaw droppings to the floor and other injuries, be them physical, mental, or psychological resulting from the viewing of this link. Continuar leyendo «Gallery of Horrors. Some people are dead inside [NSFW] +18»

Faggots, Faggots Everywhere [English Edition]

Woody and Buzz Lightyear telling him: Faggots, faggots everywhere.I found out some «nice» photos from some blog, on the last Exeter Faggots’ Parade… (you know how those are called but that’s how I call them).

Watch the decadence of a nation. Even a (seemingly) small town like Exeter isn’t spared of that dreadful sight. It seems that it’s actually the ninth faggots’ parade there. Take note of the defections of the people that should have the most care and common sense, because they are key figures of the town, but no. Watch them shaming themselves. That’s worse than the faggots faggoting themselves. You know that the fags are that, faggots, and you can’t expect better from them. But seeing the key figures of the town parading themselves… that’s far worse.

Without much ado, here I present to you the faggots’ parade…

Firemen parading on Exeter's Faggots Parade.
Yessir! FUCK DA POLICE, MAN! Oh wait, they are firemen. They got long hoses, no doubt. I love the detail of the face-paint. That sure signals support of the fags’ agenda.


Nobody knows I'm a lesbian... says the dude(tte).
Yeah, we don’t even know if you are a man. Or a peacock.


Some being disguised as some animal. It's a furry.
The original caption says: «Any excuse to dress up». I say that that caption is insulting to his/her/its/xer/xor/whatever furzona. Fuck me if I’m getting that right, I’m not sure about that and I don’t want to know if I’m getting that furzona thing right.


Policemen supporting faggots.
«Hello?!?» «Faggot Police?!?» «I have a heterosexual cis male in my house. HELP ME PLEASE!!!1!1!1!!»


Super Faggot.
Here, I present to you… SUPER FAGGOT!! (sorry, had to say it).


Like no, you don't want to see the levels of ridiculous 'round here.
Gosh, why they have to be so ridiculous…?


The Mayor of Exeter, also in the Fags' Parade.
Well, even the mayor joins in the insanity!! Of course, that’s a given if they are allowed to parade on the town. But joining… well, that takes it at another level. I guess Mayor is hidden behind the flag. (According to the original source, the Mayor is a she).


Some men dancing on the Faggots' parade. They seem to not belong there.
I think these gentlemen may belong somewhere else. Now, taking your children to the Fags’ Parade is too much. Unless you are lecturing them on the dangers of the modern world.


Some chick paints crosses and rainbows on herself.
Crosses? Man, the Church has gotten too fag-friendly. Still I wonder if they are going to change that part on the Bible that says: «homosexuality is a sin and you shall die for it». Oops! Also, notice the violet sign on the face of the (chick?) on the right, it’s the symbol of feminism. Seriously.


And last… if you are sensitive I recommend not to watch…






It's a good thing that you actually can't see this one. Seriously.


And still, I recon that this faggot parade is pretty tame, compared to others. Or at least, the original source didn’t want to take (or upload) raunchiest photos. Wondering for the original source? Well, I don’t want people shitposting there, even if it deserves it. But you can search the photos, or inspect the photos themselves. There’s a handy little tool called Inspect Element. For you who are using a version of Microvore Interbutt Exploder, I think it’s called Inspect Source. I may be an evil «Nazi», but a shitposter ain’t I. *cue evil laughter*. And getting in a byzantine discussion about fags with liberals is like beating a dead…



Yeah, exactly.

The besterest art evah!!

Wait, have I become batshit insane? This is art:

Seriously, there's nothing to see here. If you happend to be visually impaired I have the duty to tell you that this is a "painting" by Cy Twombly. But you aren't missing on anything good. Honest.
This is art. Can you see that?

And there’s more art:

You aren't missing anything by not looking at this one. Honest.
This also is art. By yours truly.

Let’s see how far I can carry this.

There’s something my «art teacher» told me. Listen:

One could say that any child could make a drawing like Gas Mask only in the sense that any fool with a hammer could fragment sculptures as Rodin did, or any house painter could spatter paint as well as Pollock. In none of these cases would it be true. In each case the art lies not so much in the finesse of the individual mark, but in the orchestration of a previously uncodified set of personal «rules» about where to act and where not, how far to go and when to stop, in such a way as the cumulative courtship of seeming chaos defines an original, hybrid kind of order, which in turn illuminates a complex sense of human experience not voiced or left marginal in previous art.[1]

That explains the Keks that you see. Also the pink «calligraphy». And the yellow cross. It’s art. It’s deep, meaning, powerful, creative, thought-provoking, question making, it challenges the preexistent power structures and the status quo of the Temple of Art Cannon. There’s a deep meaning on the thesaurus of hidden thoughts, voiced in a seemingly inconnex manner. But, the beauty doesn’t lie in the randomness of the traces– it lies on the hidden significance of the paths of human life– symbolized by the complex and capricious traces of Gas Mask. Life is random, and art imitates life, in this case, by tracing marks on the canvas. Because, what is life, if not a never-ending success of turns and returns, sometimes to go back to the same place, sometimes to go nowhere and sometimes to go off charts…


Sorry. It’s too much. I’m deeply sorry.

The Führer, Adolf Hitler, had a name for this kind of shitty art. It was called Entarte Kunst. Back in the times of Weimar Germany, the art museums had dedicated to purchase all this kind of crap. Like this other example:

A terrible piece of art by Basquiat, that for some reason people like to pretend that it's actually good.
This piece of «art» fetched a price of $110.5 million dollars. Yes, MILLIONS.

Do you know what is worse? Compared to the previous examples, this doesn’t look like shit. It’s still shit, however, but you can pretend with a certain degree of verisimilitude that you can see something.

And the guy that used to make this kind of stuff, did even more weird shit. Like this one:

It's called a 50 Cent Piece by Basquiat. I say that it doesn't even is worthy of that.
It has lots of weird stuff going on. At least it’ll help me to remember that, indeed, the first U.S occupation of Haiti did end in 1936. The Americans stayed 21 years on Haiti.

To be honest, I didn’t need to read that this guy (Jean-Michel Basquiat) did die of a overdose. Because, it’s pretty obvious that he was high as balls on at least ONE substance. I say at least, because he probably did more kinds of dope. You know, the inspiration to make truly meaningful art it’s hard to find these days… every artist needs a little help. Specially if you happen to be like the uninspired butt of Cy Twombly. Or myself.

The case of Twombly it’s even more heinous. Did you see what my «art teacher» told me? Those words were never uttered, in relation to my piece of «art». But… if you click on the little 1, you’ll see that it takes you actually somewhere. A guy called Kirk Varnedoe did say those words indeed. In case you haven’t spotted the piece of art that I’m talking about, it’s the first one. The red scribblings.

I only changed the name of «Twombly» for «Gas Mask». Very lazy, right? But it probably works anyway. Neither piece of «art» is that, it’s only a tasteless joke. On you.

This is a piece of art that you might not know who did it. Look:

Adolf Hitler's sketch of a house, complete with stairs at the entrance and a tree.
Yes, this is a sketch that Adolf Hitler did. Taken from


You can see that there are worlds of difference between Basquiat, Twombly, Hitler and me. Both Basquiat and Twombly were professional clowns that pretended to make «art». Basquiat died as a victim of his own success and too many drugs. And he joined the «Club of the 27»– that is, the guys and gals that died when they were 27 years old. Basquiat is an useful corpse (that painting of him that I showed you before has been sold very recently), and he died in 1988. Also, he died young, leaving a «mark» as a trailblazer. Until the media that hyped him forget about him. Then he will drift into irrelevance.

Pertaining to Twombly, his career has been much longer than Basquiat’s. Besides, he could have been the father of the latter, due to generation gap (Twombly was born in 1928, and Basquiat was born in 1960). The not-so-fake quote that I’ve showed you before was made because the guy who said those words felt that it was necessary to pronounce them. Why? Because Twombly’s art is an utter piece of shit. Look at this:

Some crappy painting by Twombly.
Seriously. I’m not making this up, this painting actually exists.

You can’t tell me that this is art. It’s just a meaningless staining of colors on a canvas. Sorry, but I won’t buy pseudo-intellectual shit like the one I’ve written before. It just won’t happen.

I’m not by means an artist. But you don’t need to be an artist, or to have an art major (one of the most pointless grades to get, seriously, if you feel the need to study that, just DON’T)*, to appreciate good art.

*There are things with more dignity than holding a piece of paper that just exemplifies how brainwashed you are. Really, if you have to choose between majoring in some-such art or some bullshitty career like «women’s studies», or not to study at all, then don’t study. You’ll save money, and you’ll retain at least a shred of sanity and common sense.

The humanities and the arts majors are nowadays a sure-fire way of getting brainwashed, for the 90% of people. The hard sciences have some degree of corruption as well, but is not nearly as big as in the social sciences. Obviously, you can’t (still) say that 2+2=5 to a student of math. I mean, a real one. But you can probably pull that one out on someone like this.

The Nationalsocialists did care for good art. Art that didn’t need the skills of a fast talking jew to be sold or admired. Obviously, it had a lot to do with the fact that Hitler himself was an artist.

And he was willing to extend his hand to any aspiring artist that didn’t do degenerate art. And that praised the values of a healthy Germany.

In Nationalsocialist Germany, art (nor artists) didn’t have the need to alienate the common people from them. On the contrary, art was meant to be appreciated by the common man, and not to be only «understood» to some clique of self-proclaimed «intellectuals», pseudo-artists and art major groupies who find hidden transcendental meanings behind a pineapple.

That’s terrible. The guys who did it showed pretty well how anything, anything can become art.

And, running the risk of sounding repetitive, it’s the jews who are behind all of this. As artists, gallery owners, marchants or art critiques. They were behind the corruption of art in Weimar Germany. And they were ousted in 1933 by the Nationalsocialist government. Now, they are behind the corruption of art everywhere.

There’s «art» and art.


Some degenerate piece of "art" painted by the justly called degenerate artist Ludwig Kirchner. If you are blind you are spared of seeing his "creations"
Wikipedia seems to favor this kind of art. Read what it says on the epigraph: «Art in Nazi Germany, Smarthistory[117] Painting by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, a so-called degenerated artist». A «so-called» degenerated artist?! Indeed in hell he was. Of course, some «art» major in modern «art» will try to digress with this opinion. I have eyes, people. If you see what I see, and if you search for this «artist» paintings and you have a pair of working brain cells, you’ll realize that the Wikipedia knows naught of art. And trust me, this example is pretty tame.

German painting called Mutter. If you are blind or can't see this, you are missing out on something. Trust me.
Of course, for the leftist Wikipedia, this is worse than the piece we saw earlier. This painting is called Mutter, and it was painted by the SS-Obersturmführer Carl Diebitsch.

You can’t really compare these pieces. The first one seems to be an amateurish painting or, a painting a small child could produce for his art class. Except for the theme of the painting… wait… can somebody explain what is going on?

When you look at the second painting, you can see the air of serenity, even a subtle mirth of the woman who is breastfeeding her child. Obviously, the technique and execution that this painting has beats hands down the first one. But it’s not just a matter of technique or of skill on the execution of the idea. It’s the idea on itself, and the feelings it can evoke. Just look again at both paintings and tell me if the second one doesn’t move you. They also say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder (and indeed, that painting is beautiful), but also, it evokes a sense of peace and serenity to me.

I ought not to tell you which one exalts the human nature and which one diminishes it, or at least, doesn’t contribute anything of value.

Some more paintings. Not necessarily from the Nationalsocialist era, but still, worthy of admiration.

You can click on the painting if you want to see a bigger image. In fact, if it appears a hand on the painting, click and it will take you to where I lifted it from. This one is called The Bowling Champion.
This painting is called Landschaft im Thüringer Wald: Jäger und junge Frau in Tracht im Gespräch einen Höhenweg entlanglaufend. It was painted by the same artist who did the above painting. His name was Wilhelm Carl August Zimmer.
This painting is called Landschaft im Thüringer Wald: Jäger und junge Frau in Tracht im Gespräch einen Höhenweg entlanglaufend. It was painted by the same artist who did the above painting. His name was Wilhelm Carl August Zimmer.
Girl in Prayer. By Adolf Wissel.
Girl in Prayer. By Adolf Wissel.

And here is a sculpture by Arno Breker:

Arno Breker's sculpture Die Partei, symbolizing the spirit of Nationalsocialism.
Arno Breker’s sculpture Die Partei, symbolizing the spirit of Nationalsocialism.

This is just a small token of all the good art that was produced in Germany. Nowadays, if you search for «german art», beware, because you’ll have to filter a lot of terrible stuff, coming from the 50’s onwards. It’s not all the fault of the Germans, however, because the jewish parasite has ensconced again into German life. Like in the days of the Weimar Republic.

Obviously, I had to show you only paintings from Germany made preferably in the Nationalsocialist era. That doesn’t mean, however, that the other Aryan countries do not have any artists worthy of mention. You probably know most of them, but I’ll mention them anyway. Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Velazquez, Goya, Raphael, Caravaggio and a long et cetera…

These artists spent years in training to master their inner talents. They didn’t come saying «I’ve got some cryptic message and thus I make art». They may have had a cryptic message to say in some paintings, but they honed their skills first! Some of them painted for nobles and kings, and the royals were not willing to take bullshit from nobody! (Unlike today). So, in those cases, it was a guarantee that the artist indeed had artistic talent, and that he knew his stuff. If the artist were to do a botched work, he would have to pay with his own money and properties to the King. As a indemnification. Because they wasted time and the money of the State, and in some way, also insulted the King or Queen.

Compare now to this state of affairs. Botched works of «art» are everywhere. The states happily buy, promote and encourage every type of degenerate art. The so-called modern «art», or contemporaneous «art». An insult to every sense, especially the common sense.

“The artist does not create for the artist: He creates for the people and we will see to it that henceforth the people will be called in to judge its art”. Adolf Hitler.[2]*




*Please excuse the emasculated source from where I lifted that last quote. It seems that he equates everything bad to the «Nazis». If he only knew that Eisenhower was a jew, and that he killed by starvation and diseases over 900.000 German prisoners of war… after the war, he would look at him with different eyes. Of course, probably for Mr. Tolerance those wicked «Notzees» had it coming.




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