Arditi – The Sinking Ship

The world is a sinking ship
Sunk by the weight of six billion people
We were sentenced to this fate
By those who preached that they all
Are as good as you and I
That they all should decide our destination
Though none of them has found a meaningful
Direction for themselves

Now everything we loved will die
Unless we get another go at steering

So here we stand
On the summit of the aft
Hurling defiance at our misfortune

Arditi – Profound Truths

One of the tragedies of the democratic drift
is that profound truths
may become truisms without being incorporated in legislative action,
especially those truths that require to be imaginatively perceived.

Should forty million people find their white blood corpuscles called forth to fight against the deadly germs of typhus,
their need would be sufficiently obvious for the politician to bring the resources of the State to their assistance
the more hurriedly in that to the perverted typhus germ
a politician makes as appetizing a meal as anybody else.
But should those forty million people be fighting a battle no less desperate
against all the nameless armies of decadence and ruin that threaten the spirit, the politician can be trusted to observe NOTHING
and therefore not to be diverted from his major business in life,
which is service to his own career.
Lack of appreciation of this fact,
or else a subconscious acquiescence in its implications on the part of the parasitical overlords,
has led many a civilization to disaster and many a nation to its grave.

Evidence of national neurosis today is only too abundant.
The almost unbelievable shifts and stratagems
and blundering follies of modem democratic governments represent ONE of its facets.
The brazen and suicidal rampages of vested interests represent ANOTHER.
The astounding depravity of the Press represents a THIRD.
Evidence even more direct is supplied by the facile and poisonous Utopianism of the post-War period:
the meaningless catchwords and slogans,
the advocacy of the brave new world by human leeches sticking frantically to the bad old order…

the FAILURE of the Conservative to conserve,
the INABILITY of the Progressive to progress,
the MURDER of the intellect by the intellectuals,
and above all the hanging, drawing and quartering of Peace by pacifists
who in the frenzy of their hysteria howl and dance and shriek for WAR.
All these things indicate something more than a mental or spiritual stammer,
they indicate a strongly entrenched neurosis
which is the spirit’s cancer
and the trumpeter of death.