African-American Atrocities from 1900 to 1964 | Violent Crimes

[This is a short excerpt of a long list of some cases (not all) of lynchings. In the original source you can see that not only White people lynched blacks, but also, black people lynched their own, due, mostly, for the same crimes than White people lynched them. You can see original sources and everything, if you click the link that I’ll leave you at the end. Original link has them.]

African-American Atrocities from 1900 to 1964

Regarding lynchings… For a brief time in American history lynching a criminal, depending on the nature of the crime, became a common occurrence.  Apparently, people (whites and blacks) felt they had just as much right to enforce the law as the sheriff, as well as operate as judge and jury. Lynchings pretty much died out in the 1930s.  In 1937, eight negroes were lynched.  Two negroes were reported lynched in 1939, three in 1943… and between 1948 and 1950 none were reported lynched.  And between 1951 and 1960, one negro was lynched.

Things to take note of as you read the long, long, long list of unprovoked attacks:

  • Historical events should always be judged in the context of the time period in which those events took place.
  • Virtually every incident where there was a mob action…was first provoked by an act of violence.   
  • White males instantly came to the aid, 100s and even thousands, when a black male attacked a white person (yes, gone are those days – LINK).
  • The maddening effect the black males’ crimes had on the white population at that time (truly shocked me).  

[Note from GM: The KKK weren’t the «evuul guys» that people have come to think of. Also, in lieu of the wicked shit that blacks do… heck, can you really blame either the Klan or any White person who was pissed off and wanted to do some justice…? If you click on this link, you will see, I stress again, blacks doing the same to other blacks who misbehaved… and sometimes, not even for that. (Zoom in onto the red marked words and you will see what I mean.)]

Also of note (from original source, not from GM): Regarding the KKK, (whose ideology, I want to stress, I oppose) in my extensive research on black males being lynched from 1900 to 1922,  I could not find a single case where the KKK («white caps») was involved in one of those lynchings.  This, admittedly, surprised me.  I was taught in our public school system that the KKK was a terrorizing  network  responsible for most, if not all, of the lynchings of black men.  AGAIN, I could not find one lynching incident reported by the online archived newspapers and which was perpetrated by the KKK.


** 1892 – Port Jarvis, NY
Young American Female Raped – Mob Of Thousands Descend On Jail And Seize Negro …Then Lynch Him

Negro Rapist
Bob Williams

American Victim
Miss Lena McMahon (injuries stated so severe not expected to survive)

Note: Negro fled quite a long distance until he was finally captured by a very determined American posse.
Note: RED… indicates a lynching and the reason for the lynching.


** 1893

4-Year-Old White Girl Raped… Then Slowly Tortured To Death As She Pleads For Mercy – Frenzied American Mob Burns Negro At The Stake
Murder /Rape

** 1899
Negro Burned At The Stake – Attempted To Massacre Entire Family

Coweta, GA : A negro, Samuel «Thomas» Wilkes (AKA Sam Hose), applied for a labor position from Mr. Alfred Cranford. Apparently, it was a ruse from the beginning.  His real motive was to murder the entire Cranford family, including raping  Mrs. Cranford,  then steal what he could and flee the state.  And this is exactly how it played out. Well, almost. After the negro murdered Mr. Cranford,  he charged into the Cranford home and raped Mrs. Cranford.  He then attempted to strangle her to death.  However, Mrs. Cranford survived by playing dead. There was also an unknown reported injury to the Cranford’s child. After Hose was apprehended, he admitted killing Mr. Cranford. He denied, however, raping Mrs. Cranford.  Hose claimed it was another man who did the rape…but he needed just a little time to think about who it was.  He didn’t get it. A mob of 500  Americans seized Sam Hose, chained him to a tree, then many pulled knives and began to chop away at him (ears, groin area, fingers). After this mutilation, Sam Hose, still alive, was set aflame.

American Victims:
Alfred Cranford (attacked with an ax – murdered)
Mattie Cranford (raped – severely beaten and strangled – survived by playing dead)
Cranford Child (Unknown injuries)

Note: A Negro preacher man, Elijah Strickland, was accused by Sam Hose of paying him to kill Mr. Cranford. A mob lynched him.

Note: RED… indicates a lynching and the reason for the lynching.


** 1900
 16-Year-Old Girl Raped

Bluefield, Va.:: A negro, John Peters, abducted and then raped a young 16-year-old American girl. The negro while in jail was seized from the sheriff by an angry mob of Americans, taken to the outskirts of town, strung up to a tree then riddled with bullets…

American Victim:
Kate Richie, 16


See more at: African-American Atrocities from 1900 to 1964

The Color of Crime – Race, Crime, and Justice in America

Black Lives Matter seem to not protest the crimes of their own blacks, nay, only of the cases on which a cop kills a «po’ innocent black kid…» This set of stats show that police aren’t that biased towards them, and that they (as it happened in other years) still do an overwhelming number of the crimes reported. There’s also another (surprising) trend you will see in this set of statistics.

Θανάσιμος Ρατσισμός Εναντίον Των Λευκών Στην Αμερική ~ Anti-White Deadly Racism In America…! (Video)

See, White people? That’s what happens when you are too nice to people who are not your own… They want to FUCKING destroy YOU!!


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Dindus in Sth Africa talking about killing whites

[When Whites voted, like 25 years ago, to stop segregating and gave niggers the keys of power, they committed racial suicide. Now, a generation later, they are reaping the «benefits» of the «rainbow state». Niggers are bolder and bolder than ever, the country is shittier and shittier than ever (like every country ran by blacks), people (including those same niggers) are dying like flies of preventable diseases, they rape their own children so to pursue a cure for AIDS (which IS NOT a cure, BTW), with the result that kids don’t finish even high school because they die before graduating, etc… Too many levels of wrong in South Africa, and to think the niggers even hosted a World Cup in their shitty country… The 2010 World Cup, if I’m not mistaken.]

[They mean it:
Notice to what race belongs the guy who puts out the fire… Yes, he is WHITE!

See that they do that shit (called necklacing, by the way) to their own KIND.

Wonder what are they going to do to the Whites who live there…? Probably worse, if that’s possible.

The Judepedia doesn’t feature any photo of the media darlings burning their own… Why not? Because it makes the «rainbow state of peace and harmony between the races» look like what it really is, a toilet bowl full of shit.]

Also, read this post by SmartWhiteGuy about some people who are getting ready when SHTF there in South Africa:

If you have some shekels to spare, go help them.

See the original at: Dindus in Sth Africa talking about killing whites




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