Do We Stand A Chance Now?

It shows how the British Empire of yesterday, was an instrument to jewish domination. Read ALL of the article that is on the link, it will make clear WHY the Anglo-Boer war began. Because of the fucking jews, man. And their greed for controlling a very rich part of the world… Also, Hitler did not invent concentration camps, it was the British.

Stand or Die

The Boer War: How The Jews Seized South Africa


Concentration Camps for women and children


Burned Farms


Lord Kitchener, the new British commander, adopted tactics to “clean up” a war that many in Britain had considered already won. In waging ruthless war against an entire people, he ordered his troops to destroy livestock and crops, burn down farms, and herd women and children into “camps of refuge.” Reports about these grim internment centers, which were soon called concentration camps, shocked the western world.


And never forget your real enemy:


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Brexit was only the beginning.

Not everyone is a pussy!! Some people still have balls!!


10,000 white men march on London!

Ten thousand white men descend upon London to oppose islam. The Left is collapsing as they realise the working-class is STILL comprised of “conservative” Whites. Anti-Anglo kikes BTFO as Anglos prove once again that they are truly the master race. Jews feeling uneasy and hoping Tommy Robinson can convince the rest of England that Israel is their greatest ally. And last but not least…


Rule Britannia!

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britain is a jew shit hole:

Coppers are not your friends… they only protect and serve the State, not you.


1498034035975What kind of weirdo country even thinks like that?

The State: “Your pictures may offend someone and we would throw you in the gaol, so second guess everything you say or do, and therefore think.

“As we continue this campaign of paranoia, pay no mind to the savages we continue to import to your streets while they wreak havoc, murder and mayhem against unarmed citizens, especially in your nations capital, as we humiliate you and your ancestry before the whole world watching.”


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Britain’s Heroic Katie Hopkins Under Police Investigation for So-Called Manchester Hate Tweet

[I didn’t know that P.C in Britain was so enforced. The lunatics are running the asylum now. Well, it can’t be that surprising, given that the police used to protect Muslim gangs of groomers, instead of the children.]

Katie Hopkins has been reported to police for calling for a “final solution” in the aftermath of the terror attack at Manchester Arena which killed 22 people, including children.

In response to a tweet to Good Morning Britain presenter Phillip Schofield, Hopkins tweeted: “22 dead – number rising. Schofield. Don’t you even dare. Do not be part of the problem. We need a final solution…”

Read more at: Britain’s Heroic Katie Hopkins Under Police Investigation for So-Called Manchester Hate Tweet