Does Your Child Listen to ‘Loud, Heavy Rock Music’? He Might Be a Neo-Nazi

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The Psychology of Political Correctness

Der Stürmer

Today I’ll discuss something I’ve discussed earlier, but it’s very important and is worth talking about over and over: having the courage to speak up for what we believe. Courage of this sort – moral courage – has always been important, but now, with the enemies of our people pushing hard to silence opposition to them and their destructive policies by enacting new legislation against what they call “hate crime” and “hate speech,” moral courage is essential for our survival.

We have a President who is running around the country trying to drum up support for a repressive program of legislation he says is necessary to “pull America together” and achieve racial harmony. He is telling the groups to which he speaks that they don’t have much longer to wait before there will be a non-White majority in America, and then the White racists – the “haters” – won’t…

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