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Dresden Rathaus 1945
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The new town hall in Dresden is the seat of the Dresden City Council. It is located southeast of the Altmarkts on the Dr. Külz Ring.
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The Old Town hall, located at the Altmarkt, already around 1870/1875 no longer offered enough space for the city administration, so the then mayor Paul Alfred Stübel already shortly after his inauguration of the office 1880 brought a new building into the conversation.
The new Town hall was built between 1905 and 1910 under the joint Construction management of the architects Karl Roth and Edmund Roasting (1855-1925), for which among other things the neoclassical Preußsche house and the Palais loss of 1765 were demolished. The foundation stone for the new Town hall took place on 29 September 1905, which was also the last king of Saxony Friedrich August III.
The shell was completed with sandstone façade and…

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