Race And Crime: The Most Dangerous Cities In The World


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History Goes in Circles — White Genocide 101, from Smoloko

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Multiculturalism destroys the 1st world, it is the SCIENCE OF BIOLOGY

by Alicia Frischmann

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We are All Equal — There are no differences!!! OH WA—


WE DINDU NUFFIN!! WE DINDU NUFFIN!! WE DINDU NUFFIN!! Leer más “We are All Equal — There are no differences!!! OH WA—”

The psychosis of the new left

They forgot to add something else:

“Racists” are always White. Coloreds can not be “racists”, no matter how many White women they rape, or how many White men they kill, or how many White children they groom. Doesn’t matter, either, that only Whites get out of their way to help them niggers and sandniggers to give them water, food, and other shit that they should be procuring themselves. Nay. You won’t see Asians (any Asian) running to save niglets from starvation, no, no.

Scottish University Had to Apologise For Asking Turd Worlders Not To Shit In the Showers & Bins

Muh multiculti… Brings you coloreds that shit in trashcans!! That’s progress!! That’s love!!
I don’t make myself responsible if you injure yourself making a facepalm.

Remember The 14 Words

A university has told its students to stop defecating in the showers and dustbins, blaming the problem on the “multi-cultural population”.
Students at the University of Strathclyde were warned over their inappropriate toilet habits, and told that that although “different countries have different practices”, they should be aware that “here in the UK the accepted practise is the use only the WC”.


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