Apologize for telling the truth! Backlash at Lord Winston over gender operations warning: Leading scientist criticised for comments that many patients suffer complications

Crazy times indeed! Mentally ill people thinks they know more than experts on the field… Just read this news piece to check their M.O…
They should be locked in a mental institution for trying to make their insanity appear as “normal”.

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Gay mata a su bebé : ¨ era una psicópata y el diablo ¨

Police appeal for witnesses after ‘radical transgender activists who compare traditional feminists to Nazis beat up a 60-year-old woman in Hyde Park’

Seriously, Who Keeps Pushing This Crap on Our Kids? Well, I’ll give You Three Guesses and the First Two Don’t Count

Poor Disney brothers, they must be rolling on their graves…

Grandpa Lampshade's Semitic Truth Center

Man so many people to gas, so few fake shower rooms. It’s as though the blacks and the queers are competing to see which group can fatigue us the most. Honestly, up to this point Grandpa Lampshade’s take on these fags is pretty much in line with the Russian model: keep your degeneracy in your private lives and we won’t come put you in a camp. However, as this crap keeps getting shoved down our throats I may have to modify that position.

111                                  Why is it every time I think another position would probably be fine, I wind up coming back around to discover that once again, Hitler was right?

The upcoming second season of the Disney Channel series Andi Mack will mark the first time the network has created a story line…

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John Travolta claimed he had to give blow jobs to (Jewish) Hollywood producers to get roles as a young boy.


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Seen through this lens, it makes perfect sense why the Staying Alive star might articulate what he did the way he (allegedly) did: He posits a homosexual conspiracy to try to convince himself that he’s not one (manipulated, sure, but that’s what they do) and then tacks on the Jewish part to prove how it’s extra sneaky—and impossible to resist.

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From sex with men to sex with dogs. Remember leftists tell us this is normal. Something needs putting down & it’s not the dog. 

The slippery slope is a fallacy, they say…

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