pedogate updates:


Pedogate arrests: US Army general, Ohio mayor & TV actor raped children as young as 3

‘Bumfights’ creators busted for trying to mail infant body parts from Thailand

Former ‘Willis Family’ star Toby Willis pleads guilty to child rape charges

California Upholds ‘Right’ For Pedophiles To Marry 10 Year Old Kids

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Disgusting, Explicit, Bloody Photos of Transition Surgery Will Make You Sick

Watch truly vile stuff, pertaining to faggots who chop their dicks to pretend they are actually women… WARNING: If you click on the link that has the images, neither I or the original poster make ourselves responsible of your stomach throwing up. Remember, what is seen cannot be unseen.


We’re bombarded with messages that tell us that we’re shitty transphobic a**holes if we don’t accept trannies as teachers for our children, neighbors for ourselves, and as priests and preachers showing us the right way to worship God.

It’s not PC to declare trannies, like this Italian tranny surgery addict, to be crazy as a loon.


Children are being declared as transgender everywhere we look.

The ultimate goal for the male transgender is to rid himself of the ugly, hated penis. Some of them don’t get to that step, but many do.

So, what’s it like to “transition” fully from male to female. As one Mexican tranny I knew at the university said, “I’m all woman from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.”

Yeah, right. “She” had the surgery.

Let’s take a discreet look via this Tweet from Microchip.

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The degeneracy of the Weimar republic (Serious redpill)

See? The “wicked NaZZis” were cleaning the filth that their country had, at that time. Thus, the book burnings — a symbolical gesture –, but one that would signal that the new government wasn’t willing to put up with bullshit — nor let its citizens, especially the youth — put up with it either.



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Number of children being referred to gender identity clinics has quadrupled in five years

We seriously need to do cleansing. Things are making Weimar Germany look tame in comparison. The judaic beast is corrupting the youth at an increasing pace. The jews need to be ousted… and shot and quartered.

Remember The 14 Words

The number of children being referred to gender identity clinics has quadrupled in the past five years, figures show.
Experts have warned that the huge spike is, in part, due to the promotion of transgender issues in schools which they say has encouraged to question their identity, and “sowed confusion” in their minds.


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White People: Meet your Enemy — he is called Dean Hutton and he is a flaming faggot [+18] [NSFW]

[From Rudolf’s blog, by Cowboy. Added some stuff because I HAVE to bash this pig… he is too laughable and infuriating at the same time. If you have a sensible stomach, I recommend you to click in the link instead.]


Listen, people, THIS piece of shit wants South African Whites (and any White, genocided and gone…) Leer más “White People: Meet your Enemy — he is called Dean Hutton and he is a flaming faggot [+18] [NSFW]”