“Gay” Pride

Silly heterosexuals (normal) people who don’t know what the faggots do, read this post! And if you got a strong stomach, search the Gallery of Horrors of GMB. You won’t look at faggots the same again.

Grandpa Lampshade's Semitic Truth Center


I saw on the news this morning the exciting announcement that the city of Dallas was planning to expand their gay pride celebrations into a two day event. I of course was very excited about this, as you might imagine. Many of you probably are under the mistaken idea that as a Nazi, I hate these faggots but I’m a live and let live kind of guy. If you want to celebrate the gays, I say go for it. My only condition is the truth. You see, I think that if you are going to have parades and city wide official celebrations, you should be completely honest about what it is you are celebrating. I mean, “gay pride” sounds great and all but if they are going to have official celebrations I think it is unfair not to celebrate the real thing vs the sanitized Disney version. After all, putting…

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