1.500.000 $ – Activistas gays pacíficos y modélicos a los estudiantes católicos : ¡ “homófobos”, “intolerantes”, “neonazis”, “agresores de homosexuales”… !

“Gay” Pride

Silly heterosexuals (normal) people who don’t know what the faggots do, read this post! And if you got a strong stomach, search the Gallery of Horrors of GMB. You won’t look at faggots the same again.

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I saw on the news this morning the exciting announcement that the city of Dallas was planning to expand their gay pride celebrations into a two day event. I of course was very excited about this, as you might imagine. Many of you probably are under the mistaken idea that as a Nazi, I hate these faggots but I’m a live and let live kind of guy. If you want to celebrate the gays, I say go for it. My only condition is the truth. You see, I think that if you are going to have parades and city wide official celebrations, you should be completely honest about what it is you are celebrating. I mean, “gay pride” sounds great and all but if they are going to have official celebrations I think it is unfair not to celebrate the real thing vs the sanitized Disney version. After all, putting…

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Ecosexualism: A New Frontier in Degeneracy

The New Normal: Play with mud, stick your peepee into the earth… masturbate the Earth (don’t ask me how you do it), lick the grass and more!! Everything except having children, of course. Oy vey, go for it, silly goyim!

Remember The 14 Words

Remember goyim – in this day and age, you can be anything you want to be, and do anything you want to do, so long as it’s not normal.
The College Fix:
Four years ago, when art Professor Elizabeth Stephens filmed the documentary “Ecosexual Love Story,” in which she and her partner licked trees, played with mud, and made love with the environment while naked, the term “ecosexuality” was still somewhat unknown.


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Argentina: The New “Tolerant” & “Inclusive” Bathrooms…

[Since I was asked to translate this bizarre piece of news, I’ll do it, including the comment I made for the original reblog… I have taken some liberties with the translation, as well.]

My comment on the original reblog, translated…:

There are more and more assholes in this country. The latest news: they have done LGBTI bathrooms (that is, without gender restrictions, unisex) in the FADU (Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo in Spanish, or: School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism in English), dependent of the University of Buenos Aires. The LGBTI (aka faggot) agenda is advancing, and in fact, it is not so surprising, considering that the universities are liberal lairs (and moreso the UBA, given its history)…


The latest fad. Our gaucho friends never cease to surprise us, (the OP of this piece is a Peruvian guy). This new inanity has surpassed every limit of sanity.


Captura de pantalla 2017-08-10 a la(s) 17.40.41
The poster says: “This is a bathroom without gender distinctions (read, discrimination) for everyone who wish to use it.”

It turns out that the school of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires, has inaugurated its first bathroom without gender restrictions (or distinctions).


Fucking wonderful! This is probably a stock image (blame OP, lol), but it illustrates the point anyway… So fucking crowded! So fucking progressive! So fucking tolerant! I won’t say more on this one… I leave things to the imagination of the reader.


That is, the bathroom is for both sexes, and it means that both men and women can enter it at the same time. This surely will cause a very serious problem, because it won’t exist privacy between the sexes… (can you say rape?)


The “wonderful” news was communicated through the personal account of the dean, Luis Bruno, where comments of every kind can be read there, because there do exist demands and complaints about why invest in a bathroom (and that bathroom!) and not in better Internet quality or simply, demands for privacy.


Let’s go full retard now!!1!1!


“According” to the authorities of said college, they explained that the project has been done because it is “an institutional action for the prevention and intervention of situations of violence based on gender and/or sexual orientation.” Better said, it’s an complete pro-gay project.


These people don’t look like they are going to college but anyway, it’s messed up…


From OP, not me, although I think the same: I imagine that the LGBTI community of the university of Buenos Aires will be more than happy with their new “bathroom”, and we expect them to control themselves and respect every person that it is forced to enter…

And I will add: WHAT A BUNCH OF FAGGOTS!!!

The original in Spanish, here.