The Slaying of a Viking: The Epic of Vidkun Quisling

"Neues Europa"

In honour of the 130-th birthday of Vidkun Quisling

Source: the book Heroes of the Reichby Michael Walsh

An excellent PDF version of the article at Barnes Review

By Michael Walsh

You will be my historical witness. The day will come when I will need it,” said the Norwegian Prime Minister Vidkun Quisling to his secretary, Franklin Knudsen. The national leader’s words were spoken with great solemnity as the two men sat in a room of Oslo’s Grand Hotel on the 18* April 1940. Nine days earlier their country had fallen to the forces of the Third Reich, victims of a conspiracy masterminded by England’s unelected leader Winston Churchill.

Churchill’s aim, to cut Germany’s essential ore lifeline, was yet another of his acts of war against a non-belligerent neutral country. The conspiracy was later exposed by his ally. Prime Minister Paul Reynard of France: “Churchill came to…

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The Philosophical Foundations of National-Socialism

"Neues Europa"



By Reichsleiter Dr. Otto Dietrich

Translated by Hadding Scott, 2015

Here is the first installment in a serialized translation of Die philosophischen Grundlagen des Nationalsozialismus: ein Ruf zu den Waffen deutschen Geistes by Dr. Otto Dietrich, Reichspressechef of the NSDAP, 1934.

The fact that I have translated this handy presentation from 1934 should not be construed as an endorsement of any statement made by Dietrich after the war, when he was a prisoner of the victorious powers, circumstances under which a number of men were pressured to make statements confirming the propaganda of the victors. On the contrary, part of the purpose here is to show what Dietrich had to say about National-Socialism was when he was a free man.

The Philosophical Foundations of National-Socialism: 
A Call to Arms of the German Mind a lecture delivered at the University of Köln, 16 November 1934 
Reichsleiter Dr. Otto Dietrich

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The old myth that refuses to die!! Really! For all the seasons! We are hit with these histories about Hitler-in-Argentina from time to time!!

Remember The 14 Words

Over the past 15 years or so, a new industry has emerged to target the ‘conspiracy theory’ community. It appears as though a quick dollar can be made by peddling “Hitler and Eva escaped to Argentina” books to some of the more vulnerable contrarians who have, understandably, developed the habit of doubting everything that we were ever taught about history or are being told about current events.
Napoleon was absolutely spot-on when he observed: “History is the fables that men have agreed upon.” However, just because so much of what we have been taught about history is false, it does not logically follow that everything is false, and that every counter-claim must be accepted at face value. The same rules of evidence must apply to ‘conspiracy theories’ as do towards ‘official stories’.

It’s a fantastic story, told (and sold) with great passion, but is there any logical basis to it?

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