Interdependence vs independence

White Ragnarok

Consider a loaf of bread made at the baker. The ingredients are wheat, water, and yeast. The wheat seeds are planted, mineral and organic fertilizer is spread on the field, the plants are sprayed with pesticides, the fields are harvested, the grain is transported, the grain is hulled and milled, the flour is packaged and transported to the baker. Consider likewise for the water transport and yeast production. The bread is baked in electric ovens.

The seeds are purchased from an American company. The wheat may be grown in any EU-country. The harvesters and trucks are produced in Germany or Sweden, and run on middle-eastern oil. The oven is produced in China. The electricity comes from a windmill, assembled domestically from foreign materials. The magnets are made in China from rare-earth elements mined in North Korea.

Baking a loaf of bread today is dependent on the collaboration of multiple international…

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Hamburg: When a squad of cops in a backyard have to hide from the rampaging left-wing extremists. Someone shouts: “I’ll kill you”

More antifa hijinks. Remember, these leftist scumbags are on the payroll of the State. They are useful idiots that are fake opposition to the system, they claim to hate. “Muh fascism, muh nazism, muh racism iz evuuul and sheeeeeeit”. They are judaized scum, if not outright jews.

Hamburg is on fire. Antifa is mass rioting at #G20 and setting fire to vehicles all over the city.

Antifa shitheads are doing shit so to make anyone with a shred of brains that rejects globalism look like an idiot that can only burn shit around. More psyops brought by your judaic masters… nothing new under the sun.