I guess they didn’t find the NaZZi lazors of DOOM with which the “evuul” NaZZis turned the joos into ashes in those “death camps”, either…


The reason why it is illegal to question the holocaust is because unlike the mass murders carried out by the communist, the holocaust really is debatable.


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Why we can’t talk

Maybe that’s why…


I was watching this video when I got to thinking.

If you consider the ethnic cleansing of German peoples and if you add to it the terror bombings of Frankfurt, Cologne, Dresden and scores of other German cities.

And if you add to it Eisenhower’s Rhine-Meadows death camps.

And if you add to it the rape and murder of countless German women.

Then you begin to realized that if people should ever start thinking hey, maybe the Germans didn’t start WWII or if people should ever start thinking hey, maybe the Germans didn’t kill 6 million or if people should ever start thinking hey, maybe we fought on the wrong side in WWII…. then this whole castle of cards that we call “The West” will come tumbling down and then what?

That is why we can’t talk.

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Jewish Tactics [Of Ill Persuasion]

Jews, jews, jews… always talking about those damned jews. What’s your beef with the Jews, Gas Mask? You are obsessed with them.

That’s right. Always talking about those damned jews. I’m as repetitive as a broken disc. Jews this and jews that, jews those and jews who.

Well, that’s one of their tactics. Don’t believe me?

Tell me what you associate with jewish people.

What comes immediately to your head?

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Dozens & Dozens of the Most Outrageous Tales of the Holocaust

[This is a very good repository of links in English taken from Rudolf’s blog. Wish I had found it sooner, but it’s a very good starting place to begin debunking the Ho£ocau$t tale.]

Please remember when you skim through this long list and read individual stories, that although most of this may appear completely outrageous, impossible and laughable, these stories and allegations were presented dead serious as nothing but the truth.

These stories were and are still being used to defame the German people and their ancestors, to extort sympathy, cash and even submarines for the further glory of the state of Israel.

The suffering of many Jewish, and many more other non Jewish people during WWII was real. But these stories are part of a criminal enterprise, and are being used for ulterior purposes such as special rights for Jews, legislation against free historical research, persecution of dissident writers, the continuing oppression of the Palestinian people, falsification of history, propaganda for mass immigration, denationalization and globalization, and the deliberate brainwashing of school children in European and other western countries…

See all the full list of links and tales at: Dozens & Dozens of the Most Outrageous Tales of the Holocaust