Lo, and behold… This is Art. Here, I present to you…

[This news piece was originally covered in the US section of PERFIL… Thus, the translation for you. It’s unfair that you guys can not understand what the original news piece says! This is Art, and Art has no language. Hahahahahahaha!! My comments in italics. Also, I’m sorry for being the connational of this lady. Really.]

The enveloping and seductive art of Amalia Amoedo returns to Miami


Amalia Amoedo
I shit you not! This is art!! Really! This is Art! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… not!!

The Argentine artist will offer a selection of her work in a sample titled SEMANTICS, which can be enjoyed from July 22 to August 22.

Uh oh… we already began with two lies in this news piece!! First, the label of «artist» applied to this lady… when it’s clear that she can’t be called an artist at all. The second lie, is the part that says «it can be enjoyed». If you enjoy this, you are a moron… or a three-year-old kid. Really. No offense to morons, or three year old children, they do the best they can, given their possibilities.

Argentine artist Amalia Amoedo, who has already participated in several international exhibitions, presents in this opportunity a significant selection of her work in an experimental individual exhibition titled SEMANTICS. The event will be held at the Turnberry Ocean Club in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida from the 22nd of July to the 22nd of August.

«Experimental individual exhibition.» What? Are they going to showcase her «work» with virtual reality, or what? With holograms? With shark lazors? What are they talking about? Oh, this artsy people, they are so difficult to understand for the common man…

Pietro Daprano, curator of the exhibition, maintains that the works «correspond to a revision that seeks to analyze the qualities of color itself, aspects of meaning and meaning of codes, symbols and words that converge in the linguistic system of the visual texts elaborated by Amalia Amoedo. The exhibition of works in an unconventional space leads to a reflection on the primacy of practical value of things over any other value.»

«Visual texts?» Did he snort coke or what? Of course texts are visual, moron! And besides, we are talking about paintings, not texts. This is a text. Really. THIS IS A TEXT. Moron.

And this is not a painting. Really. What the hell is this?

«Amoedo crumples her experiences and turns them into visual concerns through the use of nontraditional materials and a flaming use of color, which when crossed with other elements, give rise to autobiographical narratives related to the stages of her childhood, wrapped in an extravagant atmosphere that seems to flirt with a couple of concepts from times of aesthetic genesis: Kitsch and Pop», he adds.

Ah, I see. She paints scenes of her childhood. That’s why she paints as she still was a child. Really. As you will see, this woman is over 40-years-old. Really. Also, the bullshit that he uses to justify the «paintings» of this lady, reminds me of the quote my fake art teacher said about my «art» on this piece

Amoedo, for her part, defines: «My work is an existential dialogue, from the sensible, that seeks to verbalize complex and subtle issues around memory, feelings and emotions in a different way than written and verbal language.»

«I’m sensitive!! Don’t say my «art» is shit, please, no!!! Please!! My art is an existential dialogue!! It questions itself its right to exist, or to be burned in a pyre. Really!!»

«There are lines of research in my artistic work to which I integrate textiles, toys, caramel-like shapes, carousel horses and other objects with verisimilar appearance related to childhood, with the idea of ​​elaborating metaphors related to both the emotions and memories of the imaginary infantile, as well as to the subconscious borders.»

Bullshit. You can’t paint better than this, that’s why you do it… It’s fine, just don’t pretend that you do the emotions and memories of the imaginary infantile. It’s an insult to children, really. At least kids don’t pop up with some artsy explanation that pretends to be deep about their art. They just do it, and that’s it. Besides, children do not peddle their stuff either.

The project idea at Turnberry Ocean Club at 215 185th St, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida 33160, is an initiative developed by Carminne Dodero along with Dario Campidoglio, organizers of the traditional Six O’Clock Tea benefit parade.

Who? Ah, yeah, sorry. Some chick that has a lot of money and does tea parties for friends and stuff. You can drink the tea from there… which I expect to be better than the shit this «artist» does. Really.

Profile of Amoedo. The artist was born in Buenos Aires in 1976 and from a very young age she was linked to art. Currently, besides attending to her artistic work, she splits her time as an active member of the Amalia Lacroze Collection of Fortabat; Member of the Council of ArteBA, member of different non-governmental organizations and President of the Federal Police Foundation.

Whoa there!! Now I understand why she can’t do better! She is a really busy woman!! She lives permanently in a rush! That’s why she can’t do better art. Really! How many years did Michelangelo spend to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? Four years?! Well, you can’t rush quality…


Since I’m not a thief (lol) I must tell you this notice from Judepedia:
By Jean-Christophe BENOIST – Own work, CC BY 2.5, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2553662 And, no, you can’t rush quality.

She studied with prestigious masters such as Marcia Schvartz, Miguel Harte, Nicola Costantino and Jorge Gumier Maier and she exposes her work both in Argentina and abroad.

Her masters cheated her. They should return her money back… and other things as well.


And I must give you the source.

Swedish Green Politician Zaida Catalan who believed in Open borders and «equality of races» brutally shot in the back three times then decapitated while still breathing by homicidal prehumans!

Justice got served. Her «dahlings» turned against her. That should be a lesson for any white traitor that thinks that he should be helping niggaz. They are unhelpable. You could sow in the bottom of the sea and you would get more results.

Common Sense is the Least Common of the Senses, or: Baby becomes world’s first to have gender marked ‘unknown’

[From Rudolf’s blog, by Romanianalien. The temptation is too great to let this piece of «news» untreated… My comments in italics.]

Mommy has a beard, seriously.
According to Romanian, this being is a «she» with hormonal treatments to become a «he». I had to ask because you never know with these freaks, you know.

An eight-month-old baby is possibly the first person in the world to have their gender marked as ‘unknown’ on their health card.

Wait a second! Her/him/its mother/father/spawner waited eight months to register her/his/its child…? Or did they revoke the old, gender correct card, issuing a new card with the «U» on it? I don’t understand!

Searyl Atli’s gender has marked with a ‘U’ on her Canadian health card, standing for ‘undetermined’ or ‘unassigned’.

Errr… what? «Has marked»? The kid did mark the card? Come on, dude, how the hell do you expect me to understand this story if you cock-up like this?

The baby’s parent, Kori Doty, does not identify as male or female and prefers to use the pronoun ‘they’, and wants to raise Searyl’s genderless until the baby has a “sense of self and command of vocabulary to tell me who they are”.

The baby’s parent (lovely, OP doesn’t say «mother» or «father» because he/she/it doesn’t know the gender of it), Kori Doty (what kind of fucking name it’s Kori?) wants to raise its child genderless (I’m gonna use from now on the pronoun «it» to refer to the child’s parent/spawner) until the baby can tell it: «Momma, I has a <insert sexual organ here>, call me a boy/girl/sexual helicopter».

Kid's health card. What a ridiculous name it has. Poor kid.
Now, seriously, Canada seems to have lax laws pertaining to kids’ names… Like the US. What kind of name is «Searyl Atli»? It’s fucking ridiculous. I want to call my firstborn «Cyanide Pill» or «Cock-up» (yes, with the hyphen included). Alas, I can’t do that. Argentina doesn’t allow extravagant names on its children (a good thing I can say from this country).

Look at its spawner. Poor kid…

Mother and child. No, is not that painting of the SS-Obersturmführer Carl Diebitsch, sadly.
It looks like a bizarre mashup of Michael Jackson and your average black metal musician (sans corpse-paint).

Doty wants to keep Searyl’s gender off of all official records until that day, according to CBC.

They said: “I’m recognising them as a baby and trying to give them all the love and support to be the most whole person that they can be outside of the restrictions that come with the boy box and the girl box.”

«They said?» This shit gets confusing. Who is «they»? Ah, I remembered, it’s the kid’s spawner. (I refuse to call it a «mother», maybe it gets offended, you know).

British Columbia (BC) has so far refused Doty’s request to have Searyl’s birth certificate issued without a gender marker.

Maybe it’s because shit gets more confusing. Like, life is already complicated, don’t complicate it even more, child. Simplicity has its beauty.

Doty, along with the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal argue that the omission of gender should apply to all government documents for everyone in BC and Canada.

I have a suggestion. Why instead they don’t issue a birth certificate at all? Let’s cut the crap with the governmental registration and stuff. Let the kid choose its own name as well. Heck, if it wants to be called «Cyanide Pill» or «SissyBoi69», we should let it, right? Or better, let it choose its own parents! In this case, the kid is going to win with almost any choice he makes…

Provinces including Ontario are reviewing their policies and may include a non-bonar gender option on official documents in the future.


Non-bonar means that they can't get a boner! Or that they are women...
«Non-boner»! You can’t make this shit up even if you try! I shit you not, it says «non-bonar» on the original source!

Doty believes that people who want to change their gender after in life have to go through a difficult process and instead wants a third option from birth.

Well, if you count the balls uprooting, dick chopping and tit-putting for the gents, and the cunt-closing, tit chopping, dick-putting for the ladies, plus the hormonal treatments and sheeeit, then yes, it’s kinda hard…


They* It added: “When I was born, doctors looked at my genitals and made assumptions about who I would be, and those assignments followed me and followed my identification throughout my life.

*(fuck you, I’m gonna call you an «it».) Why, instead of saying «I», you don’t say: «theyself» or some shit like that? Why we have to put up with half-assed solutions, why? Doctors weren’t going to pretend they were blind or some shit like that. Want to be cured? You need a doctor who knows what the fuck he is doing! And he needs to be not a fucktard, and not pander to some obvious shit… You know, medicine is a hard science… Hard sciences mean that you can’t say «2+2=5», because it’s not 5. It’s 4, and you can’t change that. Moron.

“Those assumptions were incorrect, and I ended up having to do a lot of adjustments since then…”

GM has an adjustment for ye…



What a fucking moron. And you need the source to check if it really says «non-bonar» or if I made that shit up.





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