Predicting The Next Crisis, Programming Behavior: “The Ability To Track Entire Population”

We are all tagged now around the clock. Tick tock, tick tock, the jewish control freaks want to know EVERYTHING about you.


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Zio globos. From aangirfan mex board

Here is the “Christian Orthodox” hope of the world… Yessh, he is a nationalist. Nay, he is only a puppet… Of course, he has longer strings than most puppets of the West… But he is still a puppet.


Vladimir Putin – Jewish family? – vs official Jewish story of how Putin came to love Jews & massively support Mossad’s Chabad organisation – ‘Putin’s rabbi’ Berel Lazar & Putin’s Jewish ‘wrestling coach & judo partners’ (gay?)

Reasons why Vladimir Putin might be Jewish himself

(1) For a man whose family is as well-connected as Putin – Putin’s grand-father was a cook for V I Lenin, the Soviet Union’s founder – Putin’s genealogy has strangely become hard to trace, in the manner Soviet security services can arrange

(2) Photo of a historical Russian Jew looks quite like Vladimir Putin

(3) Russians commonly say it is privately known that Putin is of Jewish descent

But there is an Official Story in Jewish media as to how Putin became such a great lover of Jews & Israel, Putin giving millions to the Mossad-tied Chabad Jewish religious group, Putin supporting Israeli campaigns…

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Germany and the Jewish Question

By Dr. Friedrich Karl Wiehe
Published in Berlin, 1938

Table of Contents

1. Population and the Social Structure of German Jews
2. Jews in German Economic Life
3. Jews and Corruption
4. The Jews in German Political Life
5. The Jews in the German Press
6. Jews in German Art and Literature
7. The Jewish Share in Immorality
8. The Jewish Share in Crime



“I was a Jew before I was an American. I have been an American all of my life, 64 years. But I have been a Jew for 4.000 years.”

– Rabbi Wise in a speech in Cleveland in June 1938.

Ever since the day when the National-Socialists came into power in Germany, thereby placing the solution of the Jewish problem in the forefront of German politics, public opinion the world over has become increasingly interested in that problem. . .

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Of “feminazis” and real female-communists

Disgusting feminists of the MST showing their drooping tits.
Not pictured: Real sympathisers of the NSDAP. Notice the MST flags, it’s an Argentinian leftist party called “Movimiento Social de los Trabajadores” = Social Workers Movement in English.

Are you a female sympathizer of the NSDAP?
If yes, don’t feel bad!

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