El bolchevismo en la teoría y en la práctica

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El bolchevismo en la teoría y en la práctica


El bolchevismo en la teoría y en la práctica (20 pags.)


Joseph Goebbels


Discurso de Joseph Goebbels pronunciado en Núremberg durante el Día del Partido en 1936 que desenmascara con la más pura verdad el rostro de la locura política más grande de todos los tiempos: el bolchevismo.

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The War and the Jews

Another good speech by Joseph Goebbels…

Der Stürmer

by Joseph Goebbels

9 May 1943

The source:“Der Krieg und die Juden,” Der steile Aufstieg (Munich: Zentralverlag der NSDAP., 1944), pp. 263-270.


Joseph Goebbels-2

The naïveté, not to mention ignorance, with which certain European circles see the Jewish Question in the fourth year of this gigantic struggle is astonishing. They cannot or will not see that this war is a war of the Jewish race and its subject people against Western culture and civilization. Everything that we Germans and Europeans, defenders of the principle of a moral world order, hold dear is at risk. The above-mentioned circles are too inclined to see the Jewish Question as a humanitarian issue. They make their judgments on the feelings of the moment rather than on the knowledge and insight resulting from clear and calm reason. It is clear that if during this war we show the least weakening of our…

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