Attacking jewish reputation

White Ragnarok

I believe that jews are the principal threat to whites. Their corrupting influence is the source of almost every problem we are facing as a race. We must attack their reputation, limit their support, and strip away their power. Tailor your attacks according to who is in the audience.

Attack circumcision. Danish Chief Rabbi Jair Melchior states, “The very big issue we have here is circumcision. I don’t see a ban happening in the near future. It is a danger that if something like this happens, it will threaten the existence of the Jewish community here.” Banning circumcision may force jews to move away, limiting their direct influence on the country in question. Point out the incidents of herpes among babies and refer to scientific studies on circumcision 

Work to ban kosher meat. Like circumcision, it is a necessary ritual for religious jews. The ritual slaughter is a form of…

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