Police appeal for witnesses after ‘radical transgender activists who compare traditional feminists to Nazis beat up a 60-year-old woman in Hyde Park’

Germany: Antifa gang beat up leftists by mistake – thought they were right-wingers

Diversity Macht Frei

Leipzig – Six people were seriously injured in a mass brawl in front of “Conne Island” on Friday evening. It was all only a misunderstanding…

According to BILD’s information around 20 masked individuals used batons and pepper spray to attack a group of young people (17 to 26) from Thuringia who wanted to visit an anti-racist concert.

Mehrere Einsatzwagen der Polizei reihen sich am Abend an der Koburger Straße
Several police vehicles line up during the evening on Koburger Straße

“Due to their clothing, the six youths were not allowed in,” said a police spokesman. Apparently they were considered right-wingers. Afterwards they bought “scene” T-shorts in Conne Island and wanted to get changed in their car.

On the way there they were attacked by the masked persons and seriously injured. Their car was also damaged. The attackers got away.


LinkeLeftists beat up leftists by mistake! They thought they were right-wingers

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Feminists Don’t Care About Gang Rape

Remember The 14 Words

Whenever a Muslim shouting “Allahu Akbar” commits a terrorist outrage the reaction of the liberal élite is always the same: The attack has nothing to do with Islam and what it preaches about the infidel.
It is exactly the same with rape: It has nothing to do with Islam and what it preaches about women—especially infidel women.
Nor does terrorism or rape committed by immigrants from Africa, the Middle East or the Indian sub-continent, ever have anything to do with mass immigration.


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Weak Versus Strong Language In Debates

The Roper Report

By Luftschiff

Originally published in The Purity Spiral.

Debates are battles, particularly when it comes to existential issues. Non-Whites and White-hating leftists are not, and have never been, interested in fair and honest exchanges of ideas with their racial and ideological enemies, namely White nationalists. For anti-Whites, the “debate” is a solely platform to shout down and silence us before the public. If they cannot silence us, their fallback strategy is to deconstruct language and key points so that a debate cannot even take place.

The most common example of this strategy is when they play the Define Game:

White nationalist: We support a homeland for White people.
Anti-White: Define “White.”
White nationalist: Meaning anyone of European descent.
Anti-White: Define “European.”
White nationalist: Anyone whose ancestry goes back to Europe and whose ancestors built European civilization.
Anti-White: Sorry, your definitions of “White” and “European” don’t fulfill my conveniently-narrow definitions…

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Líder musulmán a los gays : ¨ Tenemos miedo, si damos nta. opinión, pues la Izquierda nos puede abandonar ¨

No los une el amor sino el espanto…
a rough translation of this idiom in English: Muslims and liberals make strange bedfellows.

La Gazeta Occidental

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