Where is Waldo?

[This is a translation of my previous post. Some sources might be different, or even missing. Sorry about that. This issue is more local than anything, thus the (relative) lack of sources in English… You may use Google Translate to translate them to English.

Please, also bear in mind that, as it is practically a local issue, some of the paragraphs from the original article might be absent. Most foreign readers aren’t exactly sympathizers of the Kirchner govt’, at least, not at the levels that usually are found here…]

Bah, it’s not exactly Wally (or Waldo) who I mean…

An artistic rendition of Maldonado. You gotta recognize that the sketch artist has some skills.

For almost two and a half months, I made a conscious effort not to talk about this issue. Do you know why? Because the news coverage of this issue has been pretty much ballbusting. They have been speaking about this the full 80 days that this guy was missing (and still are covering) this issue. So much informational intoxication has the effect of tiring me… It would be called Holocaust Fatigue if I were talking about the Holyhoax. But that is already another matter. I’m not going to talk about it today.

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¿Donde está Wally?

Bah, no es exactamente Wally (o Waldo) al cual me refiero…


Rendición artística del quía. Buena mano para dibujar, hay que reconocerlo.


Por casi dos meses y medio, hice un esfuerzo consciente para no hablar de este tema. ¿Saben por qué? Porque me tenía las bolas llenas (y aun me cansa, sepanlo). Tanta intoxicación informativa tiene el efecto de cansarme… Holocaust Fatigue le llamarían si estuviera hablando del Holocuento. Pero eso ya es harina de otro costal. Hoy no voy a hablar de eso. Leer más “¿Donde está Wally?”