A Jewess Goes to the Synagogue [On a Presidential Visit]

[It’s short ‘cause original content is short too… My comments in italics. Translated from Jewgle Translate because I’d take me too long.]

Merkel and jews on the synagogue.
Oy vey, my jewish buddies… Do you like the organ? I taxed the Germans for that. HAHAHAHAHA!


German Chancellor Angela Merkel is in Argentina for the first time. On her arrival, after breakfast with businessmen, the president went to the synagogue of the Israelite Congregation of the Argentine Republic, better known as Temple Libertad, located on Libertad Street, in the neighborhood of Tribunales.

After eating with our businessmen (other screwy rats) she went to the synagogue… Speaks volumes, if only my countrymen knew…

In the religious temple they recently restored a Walker organ with German funds, which is why Merkel decided that it was appropriate to visit it.

Yes. Reparation funds come in handy. Poor Germans, the fucking jews milk them to death.

This synagogue is the same in which is Rabbi the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Sergio Bergman. The official attends regularly to the temple that was declared National Historical Monument in December of 2000.

That juderatt! This last summer, while we had forest fires due to the (official explanation) high temperatures, Sergio Bergman sent us to pray. Literally, he say that the best we could do was pray. He knows less about the environment than I, and that’s saying a lot…

Let’s check the nice synagogue those jews have…

Pretty ass synagogue, shame it has jews on it.
Pretty synagogue…! It’s like saying that a cancer tumor is pretty, however.

Another personality that has a connection with this synagogue is the Director of Programming of El Trece, Adrian Suar. He was born in Queens New York and at age three came to Buenos Aires. His father, Leibele Schwartz, sang at the New York Synagogue and asked to be transferred to the Liberty temple where he continued with this activity.

Ah, that talentless jew actor. Seriously, he is a fucking disgrace as an actor, and still, he managed to act in several series (still does that). However, he does worse shit than that. He produces a good chunk of all the crap we Argies have to endure. Channel 13 (El Trece) it’s a fucking disgrace. Degeneration everywhere.

Here is a mugshot of the perp jew…

A fucking disgraceful jew called Adrián Suar.
Here he is. He’s nicknamed “El Chueco”, due to his lack of grace.

My countrymen just don’t get it. The fact that she rushes to visit a fucking synagogue, (while not being the president of Israel, she’s a president of a Christian country) speaks volumes… We are (at least nominally) Catholics. Why she is not visiting a Catholic Church? We have several good churches and cathedrals there in Buenos Aires. Probably better than that shitpile of a synagogue she went to. You see that we have a fucking rabbi as a minister of Environment. Yes, we are very fucked. He doesn’t know shit, and, even worse, he doesn’t give a fuck about us. Also, this is not casual. That rabbi has more influence than it seems. There are several synagogues in Buenos Aires, why she went to his synagogue?

Ah yes, even if the original it’s on Spanish, you need the source.