We are All Equal — There are no differences!!! OH WA—


WE DINDU NUFFIN!! WE DINDU NUFFIN!! WE DINDU NUFFIN!! Leer más “We are All Equal — There are no differences!!! OH WA—”

The psychosis of the new left

They forgot to add something else:

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Scottish University Had to Apologise For Asking Turd Worlders Not To Shit In the Showers & Bins

Muh multiculti… Brings you coloreds that shit in trashcans!! That’s progress!! That’s love!!
I don’t make myself responsible if you injure yourself making a facepalm.

We Wuz Kangs: Meet Philip Emeagwali, the Creator of the Internet

Nigga inventor of Internet.
LOL. I’s invented da internet, yo!


How Philip Emeagwali Lied His Way To Fame

Debunking the many myths of Mr. Emeagwali’s “achievements” is one the easiest things to do on earth if you have a computer with Internet access. Let us start with his claim of possessing 41 (32 by some accounts on some hero-worshipping black websites) patents for various inventions. A simple search at the website of the US Patent and Trade Mark Office (here: http://tarr.uspto.gov/) reveals that Mr. Emeagwali has only one registered patent, for Emeagwali.com, his website. He has no other patent listed against his name. It is the same patent that most owners of independent websites apply for to legally protect their proprietary rights over the website and its contents. We can state conclusively then that Mr. Emeagwali has no patented invention of any kind, contrary to his and his supporters’ claim…

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