Jerusalem Fake ShootOut 2Dead Israeli Police Druze by 3 Palestinians Who got Shot Dead2 Is A Coded Hoax- ZioPuppet Abbas Condems It- SpokesLiar MickeyRosenfeld On It


by Cowboy

Slimebag Israeli Hoax SpokesLiar Mickey ((((((Rosenfeld)))))) is involved propagating this hoax- PsyOp! & Ofcourse Abbas is a vile Traitor & coward to the Palestinian people and this scumbag actually called for Hamas Palestinian Patriots to lay down their arms and allow Israel IDF soldiers to reoccupy Gaza after Hamas defeated & routed Israel in the last war wr hen Israel attacked with missiles, Mortor, Bombings, firebombings, white phosphorous, and bombing over ten thousand homes & schools, and refugee camps and mosques and churches murdering over 2800 innocent people!

The video in this story it’s 1:14 long aka 11×4 is 44 Death & destruction code.

Happened on 7- 14 for 777 Order out of Chaos Code.

Story repeats 3 attackers twice in a row to give the 33° code.

Story says cops killed were:

Haiel Sitawe, 30, father to a 3-week old son, and Kamil Shnaan, 22.


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911 Predictive Programming In [Producer] David Angell & Kelsey Grammer TV Shows: Fraser, Wings, Cheers.. ..& More 911 Predictive Programming

And neither forget that 9/11 was (and is still) used to justify the loss of privacy of the American people… And to an extent, also of the entire world.


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Temple of the Mount Shooting in Israel

Hmmmm… I smell a false flag around here!! Luckily, the “brave” israeli police (I write their name without caps) killed the assailants.
Poor Palestinians, they are screwed.



2 Israeli Police Officers Confirmed Dead

Two police officers were fatally shot during an attack at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem Friday morning. Police Chief Roni Alsheich confirmed the deaths following the incident involving three assailants.

The two officers were amongst three people injured. Three armed assailants were pursued and shot and killed by police.

The gunmen, reported by Reuters to be Arab-Israeli, arrived at the site which is holy to both Jews and Muslims, and made their way towards the Old City gates. “When they saw policemen they shot towards them and then escaped towards one of the mosques in the Temple Mount compound,” police spokeswoman Luba Simri.


May God bless you

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Hamburg: When a squad of cops in a backyard have to hide from the rampaging left-wing extremists. Someone shouts: “I’ll kill you”

More antifa hijinks. Remember, these leftist scumbags are on the payroll of the State. They are useful idiots that are fake opposition to the system, they claim to hate. “Muh fascism, muh nazism, muh racism iz evuuul and sheeeeeeit”. They are judaized scum, if not outright jews.

Remember The 14 Words

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Hamburg is on fire. Antifa is mass rioting at #G20 and setting fire to vehicles all over the city.

Antifa shitheads are doing shit so to make anyone with a shred of brains that rejects globalism look like an idiot that can only burn shit around. More psyops brought by your judaic masters… nothing new under the sun.

Remember The 14 Words

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